Refresher Course on Diapering for Dads


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It's among the top criticism wives have of their husbands: He doesn't change diapers!!

Reasons dads give: ‘My wife does that!” “I don’t know how” and “That makes me sick to think about. ”

Changing a diaper is relatively easy and painless. When you begin changing diapers, your partner will be grateful that you’re actively participating and you’ll learn for yourself that it’s one of the greatest experiences of parenting.

BE PREPARED: Have everything ready to go.

1. The diaper (2 diapers if it’s a boy)
2. Baby wipes.
3. Diaper rash cream.
4. Plastic bag or Diaper Pail.


1. Before you begin, you should know never leave a baby unattended on a changing table. And always keep at least one hand on the baby. Babies squirm, wiggle and can accidentally fall off a changing table even at very young ages.

2. Lay your baby flat on the back. Unfasten the diaper. Fold sticky parts into diaper. Using a baby wipe, carefully clean the baby, front to back especially in the case of a girl, so bacteria doesn’t spread to her genital area. In other words, wipe away from the genital area.

With a boy, using a second clean diaper, cover his penis. Exposure tends to make a boy pee, and this could prevent major messes on your walls, your baby and YOU!

3. Remove the diaper. Fold it in half. Move to the side. If you’re cleaning a particularly messy poop, clean your baby some more using wipes. Use as many as you need!

4. Hold baby’s legs with one hand, and gently lift legs high enough so you can slip a clean diaper under your baby. The adhesive strips should be at the top of the part under the butt.

5. Some experts recommend applying diapering cream during every diaper change to prevent a rash. Others say you should apply cream only as needed. It’s your call!

6. Fasten strips snuggly—but not too tight so it pinches the babies skin, but not too loose to allow for leakage. For boys, tuck the *** facing down so the urine flows into the diaper instead of out.

7. In the case of a newborn, fold top of the diaper over so as not to cover the umbilical cord.

8. Put diaper into plastic bag and toss.

9. Wash your hands well with hot water and soap.

10. Celebrate, you’ve just finished!!!

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