The 5 Babysitter Commandments


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Having a babysitter take care of your kids is sometimes a dangerous thing to do because the babysitter is the person that will be alone with your kid. Here are some ideas about your relationship with the babysitter.

1. The babysitter should be encouraged by keeping the favorite foods on hand. That's because when you find a good babysitter, you should keep them happy, that's what most experienced parents say. Writing a thank you card once or twice a year would be a good idea too.

2. If you can't handle daily errands and taking care of your kids you can hire a “mother's helper" to come play with your kids. Since you'll be in the house you can hire a less expensive babysitter that has less experience.

3. Any sign that the child has been molested should be taken very seriously, terror of the babysitter or the demonstration of *** behaivour while playing might be such a sign. Young adolescents might not understand the intensity of their *** impulses as much as an adult does, that leading to the adolescent being tempt to explore with your child. Even so, child molestors come in every age, size or gender.

4. If using the same babysitter regularly learning to express your desires in a concrete form would be a good idea. Otherwise, you might do just like other parents, and develop a resentment towards the babysitter and forget the fact that a simple request might be all it's needed.

5. If you forget to remind your babysitter that the safety of your child is the main concern while he's in their care, the babysitter may get scattered among the responsibilities and forget the safety issues.

That being said, hope you won't have any problems with the babysitter that takes care of your kids. Good luck!

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