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Child Internet Safety


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LOL, BRB and other acronyms are those that are commonly use in chatrooms, emails and other types of internet communications. Minors have their own way of speaking online when a parent is in the room if they don't want the adults to know their conversations. These acronyms often throw parents off in confusion and they don't bother to learn what their child has been talking about to friends (or strangers) online. Here are some commonly used acronyms that you might find your child typing during online conversations.

AAMOF=As A Matter of Fact
ABFL=A big fat lady
ADN=Any day now
AFAIC=As far as I'm concerned
AFAICT=As far as I can tell
AFAICS=As far as I can see
AFAIK=As far as I know
AFAYC=As far as youre concerned
AFK=away from keyboard
AISI=As I see it
AIUI=As I understand it
AML=All my love
ASL=Age, Sex Location
ATM=At the moment

B4N=Bye for now
BAC=Back at computer
BD=Big deal
BBIAB=Be back in a bit
BBL=Be back later
BBS=Be Back soon
BC=Be cool
B/F=boyfriend G/F=girlfriend
BOL=Be on later
BST=But seriously though
BTA=But then again
BTDT=Been there done that
BTW=By the way
BRH=Be right here
BRT=Be right there

CD9=Code 9: Parents are around
CYA=See ya
DGA=Dont go anywhere
EME=Email address
F2F=face to face
FYEO=For your eyes only
G2J=Got to jet
GAC=Get a clue G
RTG=Getting ready to go
GTTU=Good talking to you
GFN=Gone for now
GTSY=Good to see you

H/O=Hold on
HAGD=Have a good day
HAGN=Have a good night
HAK=Hug and kiss
HB=Hurry back
HLM=He loves me
HSWM=Have sex with me
IDK=I dont know
ILU=I love you
IMHO=Im my humble opinion
IOW=In other words
IRL=In real life
IMS=Im sorry

JK=Just kidding
KB=Kiss back

KOTL=Kiss on the lips
JAS=Just a second
l8tr=See you later
LOL=Laugh out loud
LYL=Love you lots
M/F=Male or female
MUSM=Miss you so much
NAZ=Name, address, zip
OTW=On the way

PAW=Parents are watching
PM=Private Message
POS=Parents over shoulder
P911=Parent emergency
S2R=Send to receive
SH=So hot
TY=Thank you
TOY=Thinking of you
TPTB=The powers that be
TYVM=Thank you very much

UR= You are
W8=Wait WB=Welcome back
WBS=Write back soon
WTG=Way to go
WTGP=Want to go private
WYRN=Whats your real name
121=one to one
143=I love you 4

As you can see there are a ton of acronyms here that people use. There are many, many more that aren't listed here. It's extremely important to keep our kids safe from online child predators and recognizing these acronyms in your child's conversation may save their life.

I've been writing all of my life and have a career as a ghostwriter. Writing is my passion and always has been. I've also won some awards for my writing including “Best Creative Content Writer" in 2001.


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