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Help With the First Day at Childcare, Pre School Or Kindergarten


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So you have been through the process of Choosing a Preschool or Choosing a Daycare, however for a child entering childcare for the first time the transition can be tough. For a parent, it is equally difficult, if not more so. You are entrusting your child's safety and well-being to someone whom you may have just met, and it's perfectly normal to be nervous, scared, and sad. It's also important at this time to go back and review your reasons for seeking childcare in the first place. Focusing on the big picture will help you transition easier.

  • Preparation for the First Day is often the key to a smooth transition, so once you've made your decision and confirmed enrollment with the provider, start introducing your child to the change as soon as possible with multiple visits to meet his/her teacher(s) as this will make the surroundings more familiar. So why not stop by for a few visits, and play for a while with your child. Include your child in a brief conversion or play activity with you and the new teacher as this will illustrate to your child that there is a friendly relationship with the teachers and will help in developing a relationship of trust with the new teachers.
  •  Talk with your child about all the fun things that he'll do at daycare. There might be field trips, there will most definitely be toys, and he'll make lots of new friends. Let him/her bring something special from home, like their comforter. Over time the need for these transition objects will diminish.
  • Be Reliable, make sure that he/she knows when you'll be back to get him, and don't be late. Better yet, be early! Telling your child when you will be back in terms that they can understand may help alleviate their fears. Telling them you'll be back after lunch or naptime gives them a familiar event to go by.
  • Develop a Good Bye Ritual, during stressful times most children thrive on rituals as they find them reassuring. So plan a special way to say goodbye. Some parents try to sneak out when their child is not watching, to avoid any tears. Don't do this! Your child needs to know that they can trust you, and sneaking out does not foster a sense of trust. Say goodbye, give a hug and kiss, and head out. If your child is crying, it's pretty much guaranteed that he'll stop before you get to the end of the street.

When it's time to leave your child for the first few days, make the visits shorter. Don't leave them all day. Having shorter visits will provide time to adjust and allow them to learn by experience that you will return. Remember to have a calm and positive attitude. Babies and toddlers are especially sensitive to your moods and are quick to pick up any tension in your voice, face, touch or mannerisms.

My name is Leanne Fowler and I am a Mother of 2 Children, and I am also a childcare Professional who has worked in the Childcare Industry for over 10years, plus managed a successful Childcare Facility.

Do you know what questions to ask the Carers & teachers and what observations you should be making when visiting a potential Childcare Facility? I can and will help you! Since becoming a Childcare Professional, after many years of study and hands on experience. I have acquired the knowledge to enable me to help others when choosing the right daycare, preschool or kindergarten for you and your child. . . Come and visit me at


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