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Words of Wisdom For New Parents


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Before your first baby is born, parenthood seems like a daunting experience. It is often hard to see yourself as a parent and you will be wondering how you will cope. There are many people who will have words of wisdom for new parents, so much so that you will have trouble remembering all that has been said. This is perhaps a good thing. I do not say this as I believe that you should not listen to the advice of experienced parents; just that one of the best ways forward is to listen to your own instincts and do what comes naturally.

If you listen to the all the words of wisdom for new parents that you will hear, you may end up feeling a lack of self confidence. Some spectacular parents have been ones that have forged their own way forward, not necessarily ignoring sound advice, but having the strength to know that what they are doing for their children is genuinely what they believe to be best.

Your parents, and probably your Mother in particular, are no doubt going to be the main contributors of advice. Whether you follow this advice or not is down to you! But you do have to admit that Mum has been there and done this before and you are only just starting to learn. If you are going to listen to words of wisdom for new parents from anyone, you are often best off listening to your Mum. Do not forget, however, that a whole generation has gone by since she was a new mum and much has happened in that time. It is always best to let your Mum help and support you if she wishes, as she will probably be feeling nearly as excited as you.

Words of wisdom for new parents will come at you from all directions. Mostly they will be passed on with every good intention. Do not, however, get carried away with wise words from the manufacturers of baby products. These are called advertising slogans and are not meant for your benefit in particular. . . . they are more for their own financial benefit. If you are unsure about a particular aspect of parenthood, you are far better taking heed of what the medical staff at the clinic say, rather than what an advertisement in a glossy baby magazine states.

It will seem that everyone has some words of wisdom for new parents and you will feel as though you are the only person who does not know about the subject. Do not worry. Very shortly you are about to have an intensive course in child rearing and, believe me, it is a subject that you will never fully understand. . . and neither does anyone else.

My words of wisdom for new parents? Listen willingly to everyone and then do just what your instinct tells you is right.

Gary Pearson is an accomplished niche website developer and author.

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