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Tell 'Em You Love 'Em


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In my office, there are two pictures that are always looking at me when I do my writing and work. One is a picture of my son and the other of my daughter. Both are pictures of them as babies. Both have a huge grin on their faces and a mischievous twinkle in their eyes. I'm truly blessed. They are great kids and I love them more than they can know.

One day I met with a friend who told me a story of a man who had been a terrible father to his children. He had been cruel and abusive and never told his kids that he loved them. Fortunately this man realized the error of his ways before he passed on and made peace with his family. It was a touching ending. The first part of the story, however, reminded me to.

We talk about all the really important things that we want for our children. We talk about the tools that they need to be successful. We hope that they will have self discipline, self respect, focus, concentration, confidence, and anything else we can come up with that will help them live remarkable lives. Certainly these are important things for us to give our kids. None of these, however, is as important as giving them our love.

Have you taken the time to sit with them, look them in the eye, wrap your arms around them, and tell them how much you love them? Nothing. No action, no words, no deeds, will have a more profound effect on a son or daughter then for you to tell them that you love them.

Self discipline, confidence, concentration, and everything else will be so much easier for them to achieve if they know that and are told that they are loved. Sometimes I forget how important my words and wrapping my arms around those that are close to me can really be. I can always think about it more. I hope you do too.

Check out Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, . Also look at the dvd, The Secret. There are many wonderful ideas to be found in those teachings. We must remember that all of the things that might come to us in life are only multiplied when we are able to have and show love. Be sure to hug your kids and tell em that you love em.

Best of luck, Fred Nicklaus

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