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Do You Know Who Your Child is Calling?


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Now that the Internet is everywhere, and many people have cell phones, keeping things private is easier than ever - and at times, harder than ever. These things have made it easier for married people to have affairs, for people to run business deals that may not be on the up and up, and sadly, easier for predators to get to our children. It also makes harassment easier and harder to trace. You must know who is calling your child and who they are calling to keep them safe in our modern world.

If you follow the news at all, you probably know that there have been some problems with children and adults harassing other children through the Internet and over cellular phones. This was done without the parents realizing what was going on, and by the time they figured it out, it was too late. While these things leading to death are rare, the harassment is more common than you may think. Your child could be the victim, or they could be the harasser.

You should always be sure to know each and every person that is in the contact list on your child's cellular phone. If you are not sure who someone is, call the number to see who they are. If they hang up on you, you have something to worry about. If it is someone that you do not know, be sure to ask your child who they are. They may think you have invaded their privacy, but you do have a right to know with whom they are communicating on a regular basis.

You can also see what is going on with their cell phones if you have access to your family plan online. You can see the call logs for each phone on your plan. You can go through to see the numbers associated with each phone call and text that they make or receive. You should concentrate on the calls that are made the most, or the ones that seem to come or go from the phone at odd hours.

Once you have numbers with which you are concerned, take them to the Internet to see what you can find. Use the white pages to see if the number comes up as a listed landline first. If nothing shows, it means the number is unlisted, or that it is a mobile number. When that is the case, try a reverse cell phone tracer to see what you can find.

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