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Raising Children in the Digital Age


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Your home computer and your cellular phone make both personal and business connections and communications so much easier than they were in the past. What you are going to find, however, is they both make it easier for people to keep secrets as well. Many cheating spouses have been caught through both things, and many children have carried on conversations about things they should not be doing through them both as well. You have to know what to look for to protect your children.

The Internet is an interesting place. Sites like MySpace are great for keeping in touch with friends, and even making new ones. However, it can also be a haven for predators looking for children. MySpace has many safeguards, but they do not always work. If your child has a profile through any social networking site, insist on having the password, and make sure they keep the profile private. They should only accept those that they know as friends. Even then, keep an eye on messages and comments for hints that trouble is around the bend.

Instant messaging through MSN, AIM, or even MySpace is common for teenagers as well. You should have your computer set up so that you can see what they have talked about with someone, but only read through if you suspect trouble. What can happen is that teens talk in codes, usually with initials for phrases, and they may be saying more than you know when you walk into the room. Make it your business to find out about the most current Internet slang.

You also have to be sure you know what is going on with your child and their cell phone. You should know who all of their contacts are, and have rules about when they can use their phones and with whom they can speak. You should have it set up so that you can view your family plan through the Internet. That means you have access to all numbers making calls to your child or the numbers your child is calling on their own.

You can then use a reverse phone lookup to see the name and even the address that goes with each number that appears on the phone logs. You may find that they are all friends, but you may find that some remain a mystery. That might mean something is wrong and that you have to do some further investigation.

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