A Chart for Everything

Kayla Fay

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For every season, check, check, check,
There is a chart, check, check, check,
And a chart can replace some of your nagging.
A chart for chores,
A chart for grades.
A chart for homework,
A chart for hygiene.
A chart for tracking tv.
A chart for everything. . . .

I used to spend all of my seasons nagging. The song at our home used to sound like this: “Ron, did you brush your teeth? Joe, is your snack in your bookbag? Mike, are your gymclothes ready? Ash, have you done your reading log? Ron, did you finish your math? Ron, did you vacuum the living room? Joe, did you do your social studies? Joe, is the trash at the street? Mike, did you clean the bathroom? Ash, are the dishes put away? Ron, did you brush your teeth. . . "

We had no time of silence and no time of peace. The constant sound of my voice annoyed ME, and I know it annoyed my kids. Multiply four kids, eight daily responsibilities, about three reminders per task, and I was averaging close to 100 nags per day. Since we posted the chart, I only have to ask, “Is your chart done?" Even on bad days, nagging is only a fraction of what it was before.

During school, we have chores for daily work and charts for weekend work. In the summer we have a chore chart and a very popular television spreadsheet. The boys make their own charts for homework and grades. I also have charts for me; keeping up with what is required of me is hard to remember.

Charts can be prepared on a spreadsheet or word document with chores and tasks written. Visual learners may benefit from charts generated using pictures. Whatever the method, charts can provide a tangible reminder that will make the difference between a task being completed, left hanging, or forgotten.

Give every season a chart, and you may discover that it will help you find more time, including a time to speak of something besides chores and homework!

We have an Excel spreadsheet with examples of different types of charts that I'd be happy to send you. Send an email to goaskmom AT goaskmom.com and request this free resource.

Kayla Fay is the publisher of “Who Put the Ketchup in the Medicine Cabinet?" and “24 Hour Science Projects". She and her husband live in North Carolina with their four sons. Visit Kayla at http://www.goaskmom.com or http://www.24hourscienceprojects.com .


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