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Three Tips to Transition Your Family Back to School


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You know what time of year this is, back to school! Even if you don't have children or your children are grown, there is a shift that occurs as fall arrives. There is a bit of anticipation, a sense of something about to occur, a quickening of pace. For many of us as fall arrives our schedule fills and we are on the go with little time to slow down and reflect.

No matter what age you are these easy tips will help make the most of your transition into fall. So here are some things to think about before you start running:

1. What do I value?

What is really important to you or your family? Take a moment and name the one thing that is the foundation of your values. Put this word or statement on a sticky note and post it somewhere important (i. e.desk, mirror, refrigerator). Whenever you are running about feeling overwhelmed stop and think, what is my value and are my actions and choices reflecting my core value?

2. Get back on schedule!

In the summer there is a joyous loosening of our schedules. Perhaps the bedtimes are later, the family visits more frequent, there is more time to spend enjoying each other's company. Of course that does not have to disappear when fall arrives. Remember that consistency and schedules give children and families boundaries that make the family function and also provide a sense of order and safety. Start preparing for back to school schedules now so there will be fewer arguments when the alarm clock rings for school. Even for adults there is something soothing about a schedule. So if you are off schedule plan a few daily rituals (walking the dog in the morning or reading time at bed) to create order in your life.

3. Give our self a break!

There is so much running around that we do in our lives. Give yourself permission to take a break, to decidedly not do something without guilt or remorse. This may be as little of a break as choosing not to exercise today, or deciding that you want to cancel morning appointments and sleep in, or that you will sit by the pool and read when you should be doing the bills. Take a break; revel in the fact that you chose it consciously. No need to worry, there will be things to do later, but for right now a nap seems just right.

Try these tips and see how they work for you. You may find that giving yourself a pause or getting back on schedule helps you to clearly identify what it is you value. When you have a better idea of what is important to you and your family you might choose to spend less time running around during the transition of fall doing all the things you think you should do, and more time doing what feels right for you.

Laura JJ Dessauer, MS, ATR-BC, LCAT, the founder of the Creativity Queen, LLC, is a Board Certified Creative Arts Therapist and Certified Parent and Teen Coach. Laura brings 20 years of experience working with families, children and teens in over 18 school districts. The Creativity Queen, LLC, Winner of SCORE Small Business of the Year, offers individual art therapy sessions and creative problem solving programs for both children and adults. Please visit the Creativity Queen at for more information.


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Coping with Your Kids Going Back to School - 4 Tips
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