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How Can I Help My Children Enjoy Reading?

Len Roe

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Reading has always been a difficult chore for me. I call it a chore because when I was young and in school it was one of the hardest thing I ever had to do. I would do anything I could to get away from reading.

Most of the time the subject matter of the books offered in class held no interest to me so I had little interest in reading. I mean, after all, how long can you find joy in watching Spot run? And I didn't even know Jane or Dick. Why would I want to read about them?

I also suffered a little dyslexia and the jumbled up letters of each word were sometimes a little hard to make sense of. I would need to read some words several times before it made sense. Sometimes I had to read the entire sentence over and over.

Back then, those many years ago, the teachers didn't have the time or patience to work with each student and they never knew the problems faced by slow readers.

Today I am still bothered by my inability to read correctly. I still find myself rereading words and sometimes even missing words completely. By missing a word or two the whole paragraph is lost or it may take on a wrongful meaning. The need to reread the paragraph is still there.

I have tried some of the reading remedies but it is too late. the damage is already done. Even though I write articles like this and I read a lot of information over the Internet I still find a difficulty in reading.

My disbelief in reading was set in my mind as a very young child. I wish I had developed an interest in reading while I was still young.

What I'm saying in these few word is simply when you see your child struggling over a book don't just turn away and think that a teacher will take care of it. Each teacher has 20 or more students in the class and may not be able to give the attention needed.

Take an interest in your child's ability to read. Show him or her that reading can be fun. Read with them. If you read with the child and throw in a giggle or laugh now and then the chore becomes more exciting, fun and desirable.

Like I said before, who wants to watch Spot run? Give the kids something that they like. Something like Hannah Montana or “The Lord Of The Rings" Books they find exciting and interesting. Give them books that were designed for the younger generation.

There is a whole series of Harry Potter books that would be ideal for helping your child enjoy reading. In fact, J. K. Rowlings, the author of the Harry Potter series has written a new book titled “The Tales of Beedle The Bard" Which again, was written with children in mind.

Get a copy of that one and sit down with your children to discover something new. Something no one else has seen.

I wrote this article because all my life I struggled with my own limited reading capabilities. I have missed out on so many exciting and wonderful adventures only gained through reading. At the ripe old age of 68 I still struggle. Don't let it happen to your children. Give them all the help you can.

I'm sure there are others in your location who would like to help their children learn to enjoy reading. Why not do them a favor and pass this along.

You can find more information about J. K. Rowlings new book at my web address listed below.
Len Roe has written articles for over 10 years. He wrote this article and several more on the subject. If you found it interesting there is more information on his website

Stop by for a visit and more points of interest.


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