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How to Multiply Quality Family Time

Harry R. G. Becker

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Raising a family is a fun but often trying experience. Children are first of all a gift from God. You as the mother and father gain huge personal satisfaction from just one small smile your child gives you and of course that happens thousands of times throughout life. Teaching your child how to walk. Seeing the excitement in him or her when they achieve even the smallest successes. The joys of raising children are truly endless.

Every parent knows how fast time goes by when raising a child especially from age one to when they start kindergarten. The remembrance of that part of your training on the day that your child enters kindergarten is a momentarily sad time for most moms who only have one child at that time. When moms have more than one child they are a little better prepared for this final day of NOT being with them all day long.

Jobs or Careers are so demanding. They become even more so as the salary levels increase. Many of the once in a lifetime experiences mentioned earlier in raising children are missed because your child was in some day care facility while you were fulfilling the demands of your upward moving career or job. The people taking care of your child at the day care center were the ones who saw your child take his or her first step. You know how sad that is but it is all justified by the pursuit of a promising career or because of the endless demands of a hard driving boss. Having a great boss sometimes minimizes these shortcomings. Missing class plays, sporting events, and other school activities that your children are in in most cases is the rule rather than the exception.

There is a wonderful way to change missing all of these once in a lifetime events of your children as they grow up. It can be summed up in these few words, as soon as you can, right now would be excellent, become the owner of your own fun to run, home based Internet business. The financial benefits are enormous and that is on top of being with your family to seem them develop from being a baby to when they leave home to be on their own. In fact, some very good home based businesses allow for the business to be passed on through inheritance to your children and grandchildren. Millions of families, including mine, have their own home based business. It truly is a wonderful solution for sharing lots of time with your family members without sacrificing or giving up a very promising and fulfilling financial career.

Lastly, decide that you are going to take action right now to do what it takes to turn your dreams into realities. Believe and expect, every second of every day for the rest of your life, that they are already becoming realities. If you need lots more money and free time to enjoy it with your children and family, and if you do not already have your own Online home-based business, get an outstanding one right away. Put your pride on a shelf because you cannot do everything in life by yourself. Ask and you will receive the help that you need. Remember, beginning is half done. (Please visit the three Web Sites in the Author Bio of this article for FREE help and more details on how you can get started now. )

God bless you with an overflowing abundance of good health, love, happiness, success, prosperity, and a bright new future and lifestyle that you will allow yourself to have.

Harry R. G. Becker is promoting, enabling, and empowering people across the USA & Canada to OWN, their own fun to run, home based Internet travel business. Tens of thousands of happy people are already enjoying these benefits, including himself, and you can too. Free help and details. Beginning is half done. Contact Harry at: OR


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