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Early Education For Your Child


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In order to fully take advantage of this parents need to be aware of developing their child's learning skills during this time. Children need lots of stimuli and a safe environment to fully benefit during these crucial years. By providing this, you are ensuring a wonderful start to lifelong journey of learning.

Many adults believe that what we call “playtime" is just that, play, children being children. In fact, during this time your child is learning many things about the world around them, and developing new skills.

Some skills that are being sharpened during your child's everyday play are: Coordination, by dressing their Barbie doll, grasping at smaller toys, or putting their racetracks together. Self-esteem, they are gaining confidence in who they are and the things that they enjoy to do. Social skill, making new friends is not easy, but they are learning through play how to get along with other. Problem solving, they are learning to overcome problems and situations by pretending they are a superhero stuck in a hole or Barbie with a knot in her hair. A baby is also learning by crying to get your attention, or learning to crawl to get to their favorite toy.

So far, we have discussed how your child learns through his or her own everyday play, but there is a lot you can do as a parent also. Your way of playing with your child is also beneficial and just as important. They rely on you to teach them their numbers and colors, how to read, and manners. Provide your child with many colorful things, when playing with these toys point out the colors and shapes. At dinner count the plates as you pass them out, say thank you and please when asking your child for something. These small things are easily picked up by small children. Repition is the key in these tips.

As your children get older, ask them questions about a story they read, or program they watched. Give them small chores to do around the house. This will help teach them responsibility and their role in the family. Remember to always praise them; children grow confidence from our praises.

Enhancing your child's learning is not a painful process, but a joyful one that you and your child will truly enjoy. Challenge them each and everyday, give them lots of praise, and allow them to play their way. With this recipe, you cannot go wrong.

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