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Teaching Kids to Help in the Kitchen


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If it seems like every evening you try and prepare dinner the kids are always under your feet tripping you, then why not keep them amuse by having them help you prepare dinner? Teaching children to cook is sometimes put on the backburner but is a very important skill to learn. After all someday they will need to be able to take care of themselves. And while it may seem natural to teach your daughter to cook, it is just as important to teach that son as well. You certainly don't want them coming to your house for dinner every night after they are grown! Spending time in the kitchen is always a great way to bond with your child as well and it teaches them math and reading skills as well.

Safety Tips for Kids in the Kitchen

Before allowing children to help you in the kitchen, it is important to review safety tips with them. Here are some things you should do to keep kids safe in the kitchen:

  • Make sure their hair is secured back and sleeves are rolled up to prevent them from getting caught in places they shouldn't.

  • Make sure they wash their hands thoroughly.

  • Tell children they should avoid sneezing and coughing in or around food.

  • Make sure younger children know that the stove, oven, and sharp objects are off limits and only for parents to use.

  • Make sure children understand that they should never stick anything in the bowl while the mixer is running, especially fingers.

  • Tell children they should never plug in any appliances with wet hands.

  • Never leave any child in the kitchen alone.

    Ways Kids Can Help

  • Even young children can help wash fruits and vegetables.

  • Help put ingredients in the bowl.

  • Mix them up with a spoon.

  • Tear lettuce up for a salad.

  • Crack an egg; you might have to pick out the shells!

  • Older children can help measure ingredients; this helps them build math and measuring skills.

  • Older children can use a dull knife to cut certain foods like cheese.

  • Older children can also put items in the microwave and set it to cook. This also teaches them math skills.

    Easy Foods For Kids to Help With

  • Pizza is always a hit. Kids can help knead the dough, put on sauce, pepperoni, cheese and other toppings.

  • Cookies! Kids can help add ingredients, mix it up and drop them on a cookie sheet.

  • Kids can help with pasta salad by adding the veggies, cheese, and dressing and mixing it all up!

    Kids can help you in the kitchen with just about any dish you make. Make sure you pick an evening where you are not stressed out. Instead pick a time when you know you can be patient and have the time to teach them along the way. And be prepared, because there will be messes! But you can teach them how to clean up as well.

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