Dilemma: Nappy Issues (Disposable or Reusable)


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Welcome to the crazy world of nappy changing. On an average, in Baby's first year you will be changing around 2000-5000 nappies. If you are a first time mom, you will want to get a primer on changing baby.

Wondering what kind of nappies to use? Consider these options:

Disposable Nappies

No dirty nappies to collect, no laundry piling up, no odor issues, and no frequent poop accidents. Disposable diapers are tops in the convenience department. They are faster and easier to put on and take off (which is a blessing if your baby tries to turn over when you are changing her).

Newer styles hit the market everyday. They are more absorbent, feel drier and are less likely to result in nappy rash. Some are trimmer, give a better fit and are less prone to leaks.

Then what's wrong with them? Disposable nappies feel dry even when they have soaked up a lot of urine. This results in fewer nappy changes and consequent risk of nappy rash. Read more about nappy rash. Another issue concerning newborns is that it is tough to measure urinary output, which is a measure of how much milk your baby is getting.

Another downside is that your baby might feel so dry and happy in his nappy that it might be tough to toilet train him when the time comes. If you are looking for eco-friendly options, cloth might be better.

Plus disposable nappies are expensive too (so are cloth nappies if you use a nappy service).

Cloth Nappies

If you do not mind a few leaks, a few accidents and the odor, reusable cloth nappies will work for you. Why would you want to use them at all then?

Cloth nappies allow air to circulate around baby's bottom and hence have less chance of causing nappy rash. But you might need to use waterproof pants to avoid leaks and these can cause nappy rash too.

Baby's bottom feels comfortable and is less irritated, you know when she is wet and you can change her accordingly.

The cost is another factor. If you launder them yourself, then cloth nappies are a cheaper option.

You can get the best of both worlds by choosing a nappy service that delivers laundered reusable nappies at your doorstep. Be warned though, this service will cost you more than disposable diapers.

Your baby might not sleep through the night if he feels wet. But he might stop wetting his nappy at night altogether. And it will be easier to toilet train him eventually.

Which is better?

When it comes to nappy changing, the choice of nappies will depend solely on you and your baby. What was right for your mom might not be right for you. It is all a matter of personal choice.

Unfortunately, though there are a plethora of time-tested methods, it is tough to predict what will be the right choice for your baby. Each choice has its own pros and cons.

Try one and see if it works. Once you have figured out your choice, you will see yourself turning into a nappy changing pro in a few months.

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10 Things You Should Know About Nappy Changing
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