So I'm An Indigo, Now What?

Olena Gill

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In my last article, Indigos-The New Breed of Kids!, I introduced you to the world of the Indigos. I described their unique characteristics, and some of the challenges that they face coming into this world. If you resonate to the Indigo energy, wonderful! The trick now is figuring out how to BE an Indigo, amidst this rapidly changing world, as well as how parents and educators can better understand the Indigos among us.

Here is a ‘small’ shortlist of tips and strategies for parents, caregivers and educators:

1. Show them respect.

Indigos and even non-Indigos, especially children, are wise beings in small bodies and age. And treating them as equals is necessary for their well-being and process through life. If you don’t show it towards them or talk down to them, they will know it, resent it, and won’t show it to you. They come from the place of understanding that all beings are equal. And it’s important to acknowledge them in return.

2. Be fair and honest with your communication and behaviour towards them.

Be direct in your communication without any guilt trips or manipulation tactics. Indigos are very intuitive and can sniff out deceitful behaviour or superficiality. It’s like a Beagle in an airport. You can’t put one over on them. So don’t even bother trying. Indigos are intelligent and usually show great maturity in comparison to their age. Try to give as complete and honest explanations for everything.

3. Always explain the Why’s to everything that you say and do.

Indigos do not accept the notion of blindly ‘doing’ things. ‘Because I said so’ will not work. They always need to know and understand why they are being asked to do something, and what the underlying purpose is. Otherwise it’s meaningless to them. So always explain, even in a simple form will do.

4. Acknowledge their abilities, sensitivities and knowingness.

Being intuitive and sensitive on many levels is normal for an Indigo. They are naturally tapped into multi-levels of awareness. It is part of who they are, and they consciously know it and show it. Do not discount or negate what comes out of their mouths. It is not in their imagination. Acknowledge and accept the ‘normalcy’, despite the fact that it may run contrary to what you believe or feel.

5. Be patient with their desire to be contrary.

This can be by far one of the most challenging. Far too often, having a child that is constantly ‘contrary’ can be misconstrued as ‘talking back’, ‘argumentative’ or ‘difficult’. To an Indigo, the purpose of their ‘contrary’ nature is not to be difficult, but actually reveal different angles or sides to a situation. So be patient, open and receptive. You just might end up seeing something new.

But what about older Indigos? Here are several coping strategies directed towards teens and adults:

1. Know you are here for a purpose.

Where you are going in your life may not totally be apparent at this time in your life. Being Indigo is about process, which includes awakening to it and transitioning from the recognition and into the active Be-ing of it. Your purpose and reasons for being here unfolds over time, and you have much to contribute. While there may be many, and I mean many, moments of frustration especially since your purpose may be not apparent, know that you need to hang in there. The Indigo process is like the bulb in the ground, you may not see the flower yet, but that does not mean nothing is happening underneath.

2. Your strong emotions ie. anger, frustration are often the impetus to change.

I liken this to the bowling ball analogy. In order for the ball to roll, you need a force behind to push it and get it going. Strong emotions are normal, however, understand that the expression of those emotions can be used to effect change and get something happening. It is equally important to bring yourself into balance as much as possible because the continuous roller coaster of emotion can be taxing. Take a walk, surround yourself in nature, meditate, use aromatherapy, and/or doing something creative. These are all effective in centering yourself, especially when you are waiting for the next tidal wave of emotion to hit.

If you desire more clarity, expanded list of strategies and coping mechanisms, do not hesitate to contact me. Next issue: Post-Indigos: The Crystal Kids Copyright 2005

Olena Gill is a spiritual-life coach and owner of Indigo-Crystal Coaching Services in Errington, BC. She is the author of the forthcoming books, “The Indigo Survival Guide", and other personal development topics. You may contact her at .


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