Building Confidence and Esteem With Your Child


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We all dream of our children being confident with high self-esteem. It’s vital we remember that everything we say to a child can have a positive or negative consequence on their minds.

Sometimes all it takes is one knock back, one put down or one embarrassment to affect their behaviour well into their adult life if not for the rest of their days.

Mindful parenting is the answer. That’s being consciously aware of how you are communicating to your child in verbal and non-verbal ways. Consider yourself as a guide in your child’s life. Holding their hand along the way, at times walking just in front to lead them, sometimes walking by their side discovering together and at other times walking a step or two behind, supporting and encouraging them, being there to love them if they falter from their path. And it is THEIR path.

To help you achieve this I’ve given you some ideas below. Pick one or two to begin with and work with them until you feel comfortable. Then pick the next ones on the list you want to try.

Your rewards will be immense as parenting becomes relaxed and the family bonds grow stronger.

10 tips for building confidence and self-esteem:

Give responsibility appropriate to ability. Consider yourself as the guide that enables or disables a child’s growth.

Never tell a child they are wrong. Build co-operation. Remind them what you admire about them and ask them to try things a different way next time.

Give genuine praise for positive progression in schoolwork and things they do at home. Any step forward is progression. Praise it!

Let children hear you telling others about their strengths and progression – they’ll believe it more!

Involve them in parent/teacher discussions. Make it positive and solution focused.

Sit or crouch down when talking to them. Be on their eye level.

Ask for their opinions and validate them.

Together write a list of all their qualities. Encourage your child to come up with them and read the list daily.

Find something good in them everyday. Tell them.

Have teachers tell them what they are good at. When they could do better show them when they have previously done it well and refer them to it.

Involve them in family discussions and decisions. Listen to their ideas. Try to work with their ideas and tell them well done for their contribution.

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Building Your Child's Self-Esteem
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