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ADHD and ADD Improve Reading and Learning Through Brain Based Accelerated Learning Strategies


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Children with ADHD or ADD can improve reading and learning using new brain-based accelerated learning strategies. Often, students with ADHD or ADD struggle with reading or learning. They are often the ones put into Special Ed classes, Title 1 classes, and remedial reading classes. Parents are often frustrated because despite being pulled out of their regular education classes for special reading help, they fail to improve reading.

One of the reasons children with ADHD or ADD do not improve in reading and learning is because parents are convinced that ADHD or ADD medication is the solution. But pills do not teach students how to read or how to learn.

The solution lies not in the pill, but in the child's brain. Every child has his or her own unique way of learning. If your child is a kinesthetic or tactile learner but is being taught in a visual and auditory learning style, that can cause reading or learning problems. If you discover a child's best and fastest way of learning and use it, it can accelerate the speed at which the child learns. In fact, reading improvement and learning can be so dramatically accelerated that students with ADHD and ADD have raised their reading level several years above their grade within weeks to several months. Children with ADHD and ADD have gone from struggle to extreme excellence within 6 weeks to 6 months. In fact, their reading improvement and learning has been raised so high many of those students no longer ADHD or ADD medication.

Every person has their own unique way of learning. Once this personal way of learning is discovered, students can learn to read, improve reading, and improve learning in the shortest possible time. They have a chance to be successful in learning, and raise their self-esteem, and motivation. These students improve behavior and discipline. They become engaged learners and develop a joy of reading and learning.

Any parent whose child is diagnosed with ADHD or ADD should not lose hope. There are ways to turn their struggle into success. It begins with an accurate assessment of how the student's brain learns. Once that is established, it is essential for the parent to help his or her child with homework and studies in the child's best way of learning. This will reduce family stress and tension because the parent knows how to communicate with the child. It will also ensure better parenting skills, better family communication, and more joy and happiness within the home.

Ricki Linksman, author, How to Learn Anything Quickly, international learning styles expert, and director of National Reading Diagnostics Institute, in Naperville, Illinois specializes in brain-based accelerated learning.

You are invited to access a free CD: “From Struggle to Extreme Excellence" at to learn valuable strategies and tips on how to help your child with ADD or ADHD overcome his or her struggle, end your frustration and parent a winning child who can achieve extreme excellence in the shortest possible time.


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