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5 Ways Kids Can Earn Money


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Kids tend to be good little businessmen, willing to do whatever they can to make some money. The five tips in this article will help you impress upon your children the value of the money they earn.

1. Find work around the house. Apart from normal chores, additional jobs can be chosen based on age and what needs to be done to care for the home. Inventing some job just because a child wants to earn money is really no different from pulling cash straight from your wallet and putting it into the child's eager hands. Payment should be reasonable. For example, paying children forty or fifty dollars to clean out closets is not realistic, while ten normally would be.

2. Start offering a needed service in the neighborhood. Kids can start up lawn care services as soon as they are old enough to handle the responsibility. Parents, however, will have to help their children in making all the necessary arrangements. Putting services and fees on fliers and then delivering them around the neighborhood is a good first step. No doubt there is some potential clientele in the area, especially busy individuals and older folks. Keep an eye on the kids, but allow them to do the work, offering to help only if they really need it.

3. Create crafts to sell on eBay. Crafty kids can use the world of eBay to sell their creations. This also lets them get a taste of how business works and experience the work it takes to care for a real company. Parents can help children to open an account and then prepare to auction off their products by taking pictures and typing up descriptions.

4. Have them help monitor younger siblings. Even young kids can help parents in this way. A three-year-old can be watched by a seven-year-old brother or sister. Distinct from babysitting, kids can monitor their little siblings while parents complete some chores around the house, like cooking dinner or doing the laundry.

Don't confuse them with lots of rules. Just make sure they understand the important things. The younger child has to be followed and watched at all times, toys shouldn't be in their mouths, and they have to be protected from dangerous things in the home, like the stove.

5. Hold a yard sale. Selling clothes they don't wear or toys they haven't used in a long time is another way kids can earn their own money. Yard sales often kill two birds with one stone. The child will clean out his room while getting rid of clutter as well. As opposed to simply throwing sellable items away or uselessly filling the attic with them, a yard sale can be truly beneficial.

As kids learn about the value of money, they will progressively ask to do more work. These tips are a great place to start, but adding more ideas will help you help your youngsters grow to be financially responsible adults.

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