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Online Safety For Children Dont Feel Guilty Monitoring Your Childs Internet Usage


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Parents should not stop monitoring their child's website access after the initial findings. They should continue to monitor access on an ongoing basis. This would include any type of communications such as instant messaging and chat rooms.

Chat rooms have been the main stop on the internet where a child gets mixed up with a *** predator. Parents should always keep a close eye on e-mail correspondence that your child gets. There can be e-mail messages that will hold a clue to what's going on with them.

Most parents have Caller ID with their phone system. Using Caller ID will let parents know who is calling them. If you suspect a sex offender calling there for the child, you can have the phone number blocked by your phone company. This can help to fight off the unwanted advances of a predators.

In addition to doing the above to protect their child, parents should also invest in child internet protection software. It can help filter and block out any sites that parents don't want your child to see.

There are certain types that can pick up everything that the child does on the internet, including surfing websites and participating in chat rooms. Parents can also record and make a copy of their child's chat room conversations. Some of them will even record every key stroke a child makes while on the computer so you can get an even better clue of what they are doing.

It's unfortunate that children can't get online without some pervert trying to entice them or soliciting something from them. There are so many of them on these chat rooms, it's difficult to determine who is who. Parents will definitely want to play a more dominant role in protecting their child from these predators.

Parents may feel guilty at first, but after they get involved, they start to feel better and more secure about what's going on. Parents want their child to be safe. The last thing they want to hear about is that their child is involved in something illegal or immoral or becoming the next victim.

George Kline is the owner of His goal to inform parents and to do his best to help keep all children safe in this new digital age. Visit for more information on how to keep your child safe while they are on the internet and stop the predators dead in their tracks.


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