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How to Help the Man in Your Life With His Fathers Rights Issues

Dennis Gac

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Does your Boyfriend/Fiancé/Son/Grandson seem to have his life together in every way except for his custody and child support issues? Has it become increasingly difficult for him to make any headway in his case? Has he become more hopeless in his quest to get fair treatment by the courts and from his “X"? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, the situation is not hopeless and there are many things that you can do to be a positive influence in this negative situation.

Your guy's “X" probably has custody of his children, controls his visitation times, and demands increasingly unreasonable amounts of money from him, all while making him feel like a ‘dead-beat’ dad when nothing could be further from the truth. Everything is going so well in every other aspect of your relationship and in his life; it becomes even harder to see your guy so miserable when really it is not his fault.

Many women who are in your situation don't know what to do, but they also don't know if it is even ok for them to get involved in any way at all. I am here to tell you that while you probably cannot be a decision maker in his case, it is crucial for you to take an active interest in your man's case. While you cannot legally do anything to help out your guy, you can be proactive when he just feels insecure and scared. When he is feeling this way, you can have a dramatic positive influence in just supporting him and making sure he gets all the information he needs to be successful and also to make sure he doesn't give up when he feels hopeless.

You see, Fathers’ Rights are not just for and about fathers - they are YOUR rights, too. If a father in your life has restricted access to his kids, so do you. If he's paying through the nose for child support even though his income has dropped, that affects you too. His stress and feeling of powerlessness directly affects your quality of life as a couple. Now is the time to take back some of the power his “X" has taken away from him and you. Maybe he's even facing false allegations. Many “X's" will exaggerate or downright lie in order to get more child support or limit the child custody as a power play. The courts are favorably disposed toward the “X's" and the “X's" know that and take advantage of it.

This is where most fathers fail; they don't want to get involved when they think that they might lose or when they see their kids being hurt. What they need to realize is by not being in their children's lives, they will hurt their children more in the future by being absent as a positive and loving figure in their lives. This is where you can really do the most good. Support and research is where you can make the most difference in his life, so make sure that you have the information and support that you need to succeed.



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