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CEO Parents Heads of Household

Kelvin Shaw

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In the family unit, you have the head-of-household, which should always be thought of as heads-of-household or considered to be and synonymous to CEOs or CEO Parents. Run your family like loving, caring, and generous CEOs because CEOs always are paid in the end.

I make this distinction from a simple comparison of the job of a CEO in building and growing a company and the job of parents in raising a family. Both have highly important jobs that demand a lot of their time, skills, and knowledge. Therefore, in a traditional business, the CEO's duty and goal is to forge a path for a company that will lead to profits and growth for that company. The success or failure of the company lies primarily on how well the CEO did his or her job in charting a viable, lucrative path for the company.

In contrast, in the family unit, the parents should consider themselves as CEO Parents running and building the hardest, most time consuming, and most important business in the world - the raising of a family. Raising a family is a life long endeavor with many rewards and benefits that are so valuable and priceless. It should be rewarded a million times over. However, raising a family successfully and seeing your children do the same should be rewarding enough most people would say.

As CEO Parents, you are in charge of charting a course for the family that must provide for the family, grow the family, and secure the family. The success or failure of the family (failed parenting) lies with how well you, as parents, charted and navigated your course in the sea of family life.

Family Financial Security

CEO Parents, as providers, are continually tasked whether consciously or unconsciously with providing the family with financial security. Among the CEO Parents there must be a consortium which should be the foundation ensuring the financial security of the family.

When two people marry, in the vows it states “. . . for rich or poor. . . , " this statement alone when said is said with your hand on the bible and your right hand up which is your adjuration to your family's financial security or the lack there of. Most parents begin fulfilling this oath with getting a job. This is only a start to a family's financial security and that is where most parents stop in their quest for financial security. The reasons for this are many but more commonly are the lack of education and knowledge in the areas finance and investing coupled with the perceived lack of opportunities. However, some may say there is no real lack of opportunities just the fear to see the value of the opportunity and never take ownership of the opportunity. In addition, there are those who do take ownership of an opportunity but fail to believe in the opportunity.

Family Income

Building the family's income, as CEO Parents, you are solely the chief bread winners for the family and with this reality CEO Parents should seek out lucrative opportunities that are most likely to increase the family's income significantly if not marginally. Refusing to evaluate an opportunity simply because it sounds too good to be true. In the long run it hurts you more because when the right one comes along and you choose not to own it because it sounds too good to be true you will have missed your proverbial ship that came in or better yet passed by.

Increasing the family's income should begin with the building of the CEO Parents core belief system, support system, and education on self-improvement. These are key areas that will help and sustain you in your quest for increasing your family's income significantly. The opportunities for CEO Parents as well as anyone are all around you but you have to be open and willing to take risks to take a commanding ownership of the right opportunity for you and your family.

Family Taxes

As CEO Parents your taxes are a big part of the family's income and the income you keep to improve your family's financial security. Your job in this area must be that of finding viable and legal ways to pay fewer taxes. One way is to create or find ways to take more deductions.

Jennifer Openshaw as excellent programs, courses, information, and the family financial network to help guide you as you embark on the journey of increasing your tax deductions. In addition, we must not over look one of the best and quicker ways of taking more tax deductions in to start a home-based business and make it a family business with everyone involved. The many deductions you can take should be discuss. For information on what Robert Kiyosaki said about this opportunity at www.smi. Great opportunities are abundant if you dear to seek them out and to take ownership in them.

Family Entertainment

Successful CEO Parents incorporates family entertainment into their family unit. By doing so, it provides quality time and gives the family members a sense of being a real family. This is why it is essential for a family to sit down at the dinner table during supper and eat supper together as a family. Going out as a family to have fun at the movies, at plays, concerts, or whatever you see fit to do as a family strengthens the family bond. It is these moments that are so remembered and treasured the most.

Family Lifestyle

CEO Parents should seek to give their children a better lifestyle than they have have had and this is the case with most parents. This has been a dream of parents for many generations and it will continue to be. With that said, CEO Parents makes lifestyle improvements one-step at a time by educating themselves, improving themselves with self-improvement books, seminars, and information. This lays the foundation for you to provide a better lifestyle for your family.

Next, you begin to search for the vehicle that will provide your family the monetary fuel that will fuel your family's lifestyle. Sure, I know that the internet is enamored with cons, sex a fenders and unscrupulous people and so is the world outside the internet but that should never deter or hinder your pursuit for a better lifestyle for you and your family.

A way to measure whether you are providing your family a better lifestyle is by the type of vacations you are able to take with your family members. These are vacations where you and your family are there to enjoy each other, the amenities, and the activities while on vacation. These will serve as invaluable memories for generations to come. One of your personal goals may be to travel and visit every country in the world and by being or becoming CEO Parents; you can make this a reality and achieve this goal with your family. It is like giving your children the world while giving them the chance to experience the world unlike most people who are not able to do so. CEO Parents makes it happen while most average parents merely seek to provide just a living, a survival if you will for their family. You often hear average and poor parents say that this is the best that they can do, but is it really. A change in their thinking and core beliefs and values is the key in changing and improving their lifestyle. Well, a change in their income (an increase that is) is a big factor as well. However, the change in their core beliefs and values will sustain them in bettering their income and lifestyle.

Family Security

CEO Parents as well as other parents wants to provide the most security for their family. Usually this consists of buying the most life insurance, home insurance, and medical insurance they can afford for their family. Initially, this is very good but is this enough. These insurances may provide the needed coverage and funds whenever a disaster befalls them. However, what insurance is going to cover them or protect them from a legal disaster? It is far better to have something in place before hand than protect and prevent legal disasters that have the potential to leave a family financially bankrupted. The service and opportunity is readily available to you and it has been around for years. You either have never heard about it or have never seen it, or you have heard of it but you did not believe in it enough to add the service to your family's security portfolio. However, the need in America for legal services has grown and it is still growing by leaps and bounds. Therefore, I urge you to be the type of CEO Parents that realize the need to have access to legal services in your back pockets, seeing the value of having this access to legal counsel at unheard of prices in the industry. In addition, to taking a commanding control of the service and opportunity, you hold a steadfast belief in it while taking an unbelievable ownership of it.

Kelvin Shaw has been helping people succeed online for over 10 years and has dedicated his life to Internet Marketing and helping others. Visit his web site to find out how you can create success online with your own home-based business.

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