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Guidelines For a Fun, Efficient, and Effective Household Chore Time

Judy H. Wright

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Do you ever wish you had a rule book for parenting? How about an instruction manual for raising responsible children? How about some guidelines For a Fun, Efficient, and Effective Household Chore Time?

When getting your children to help out around the house, it can be difficult to make that time a positive time. Kids have negative ideas about chores, and like to avoid them if possible. Yes, it's hard to get the entire family to help with cleaning and straightening up. But there are some things to remember when it comes to work around the house, or guidelines if you will.

The following guidelines should increase effectiveness and cooperation when it comes to family chores.

- One for all, all for one: Remind everybody that they are not “helping Mom. " This is the entire family's home, and everybody should take a part in keeping it livable.

- Jill-of-all-trades: Be sure to teach both sexes all jobs around the house. This is about life skills, not who would be better at what. It also discourages gender roles and sexism.

- Bare essentials: Establish daily personal basic “tasks" that are to be done without reminders.

- Every day is a good day: Make sure your children each succeed at least once a day, and be sure to voice your appreciation for their success.

- Time limits: Try to keep chores within specific blocks of time, usually less than twenty minutes. This will show your children what is expected of them, and help them to learn to increase efficiency.

- Good training: Use clear, specific instructions on the chores you want done. Draw diagrams or write it down if necessary. Just saying “clean the garage" could mean one thing to you, and another to your child. Break it up into easy-to-handle parts.

- Practice makes perfect: Let your children do a chore at least three times before you expect them to be a master at it. This gives them time to learn. Even you can't always learn things after just doing them once!

If you follow these guidelines and keep a positive, encouraging attitude within the family, chore time at your house should be a lot smoother and more fun and encouraging for everybody.

To learn more about encouraging your children to do their chores, and making the process easier for everybody, visit an eBook by Judy H. Wright.

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