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Parenting Skill


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Parenting is considered to be the most difficult and responsible job. The only unfortunate aspect of this job is that no one gets a formal training or course. This is a totally different kind of job where you have to take over the task and fulfill your responsibility but you are not paid. There are even criticisms, mistakes and firing in the parenting job.

There are many researches and studies done on parenting. Developmental psychologists have done research on various parenting styles to foster children's emotional and intellectual development.

Discipline is the first and most important part of learning and mastering good parenting skills. Children often learn what parents do and how they behave. Parents need to learn what kind of discipline has to be applied at what time. This action from their ends actually reflects on the actions of their children.

Most of the parents don't like scolding their children and allow them to do anything they wish to. The fear of hurting their children makes them too lenient with them and often results in undisciplined children. Parents should make their children learn the importance of discipline and make them realize their boundaries.

The second ability or another important parenting skill is imparting good education to their children. Teaching A, B, C and 1, 2, 3 is not the only education that parents need to give their children but parents need to teach their children the significance of what they are learning and why they are learning? Parents also need to impart personal and social values that make the future of their children and help their children grow as recognized individuals.

Parents should not completely depend on the education given at school because education and learning goes much beyond that. Values, virtues, discipline, manners and social behavior can only be taught at home. Parent's involvement in children's education defines the success of children.

Financial Deals
Establishing a good financial deal with children is another key to good parenting skills. Parents should learn to effectively deal with financial issues. The same financial issues that parents are dealing with their life, children will follow the similar pattern and deal. Teach your child to stay fit and enjoy the deals bounded with the financial pattern of your family. Teaching children the importance of every single rupee is equally important to make them successful and responsible individuals.

It takes a lot of time to plan about your children but if parents know the art of parenting, then growing their children is like living their own childhood once again. It's fun to be parents and joy of parenthood increases only of your child grows up as a recognized, respectable and responsible citizen.

Indian moms are the best moms because they always shelter their children with warmth and love. If you really want to master the art of parenting that Indian moms follow, then check out some interesting facts on toddler parenting and infant guide


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