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Nurturing Parent-Child Connection


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Nurturing parent-child connection is an act that brings smiles, joys and life to a family.

Family is a sweet little gathering of people sharing the same blood. A complete family comprises grandparents, parents, children and siblings. Like flowers need sunlight and water to grow children needs warmth and love to grow. A farmer nurtures all the plants in his grounds with sufficient sunlight, water and care so that plants reap good fruits. Similar is the case with children. If parents nurture their children with warmth, care and love then their children will definitely grow as responsible citizens who shall reap the seeds of better and shining future.

Every child and every parent are different in terms of family backgrounds, nature, principles and religion. All these have a great influence on the parent-child relationship.

Parents can be besieged by a number of challenges that compromise their capability to do and offer the best to their children. It requires lot of effort and sentiments to build a positive relationship between parent and child.

Here are some of the basic guidelines that can help nurture the relationship with love and warmth.

  • Let you child know that you love him. Say ‘I Love You’ as many times as you can. Don't feel shy or low to say these three wonder words to your child. These words should not be reserved for your partner.

  • Let your child know the faith and beliefs you behold. Give him a chance to know you better through your beliefs and try to strengthen those teachings.

  • Choose a special name for your child. Let there be a separate name by which the world knows your child but create a unique and love filled name for him so that he feels close to you. This even helps to enhance the bond between you and your child.

  • Establish and maintain a bedtime ritual. When going to sleep, make sure that you recite poems, stories and good fictions to your children. A session of story telling before sleeping will help you parents to know your child better. You can read his face and determine his expressions while telling stories.

  • Grow with your child, play with your child. Don't leave your child alone with games, puzzles and dolls. Spare out some time where you can play with your child so that the child realizes that you really care for him.

  • Make a habit of feeding your child along with the whole family. This will help to strengthen the tie between the family members.

  • Respect your child, they love to be respected. By respect we don't mean obey them, respect in this relationship simply means caring for your child's choices and wishes. Don't always ignore their choices. If they are practical and relevant, agree with them and if they are not, then explain them why you are against their choices.

  • Give them the first priority in your life. Don't ignore them because of work pressure or any household word. If during childhood, you start ignoring them due to heavy pressure; one day will come when your own child will go too far away from you.

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