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5 Simple Methods To Teach Your Children Mathematics At Home

Jas Ng

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I was facing challenges when my four year old daughter requested me to teach her mathematic at home. Personally, I'm not a very numeric sensitive person. I scored moderate in my mathematic during my school days. Here I share some of methods I discovered when I was teaching my daughter math at home, and hope it helps you also!

Method 1 Identity number and quantity

Material needed are bottle caps, flash card with number numbers and numbers in words. Ask your child to count the bottle cap one by one, and match the total number of counted bottles cap to the flash card number. Everyday repeating this once a day, slowly increase the quantity.

Method 2 Identity many, a few, less and more

Material needed are many different items of button, bottle caps, beans, seeds etc. Collect them in different quantity, and put all into different container. Ask your toddler to identify which is many, which is less, which is a few and which is more or the most quantity. After your child can identify it, ask him or her to count aloud of the items, and write the total number on a piece of paper.

Method 3 Identity 2D and 3D shapes

Prepare a few cube boxes, spare, cylinder and a few different shapes of blocks, or card board type of shapes size. Play a game such as when parent say 3D cube, your child must quickly grab the 3D cube to you. Like wise for other shapes. This is helping your child to feel what is 3D and what is 2D, at the same time practise analytical ability with their movement of running, grabbing.

Method 4 Sorting

Sorting is one of the most important mathematic concept to be learnt at the beginning stage. Material needed are many different items of button, bottle caps, beans, seeds etc. Mix are the items into a plate, ask your child to sort each of the items into individual plates. This is helping them to think and learn how to identify different shapes and colors of the items.

Method 5 Addition and subtraction

In this method, parent need to purchase some mathematic problem solving flash cards. Other supporting material needed are, bottle caps, mini white board and white board markers. First, ask your toddler to choose one problem solving flash card, ask him or her to say out loud the number on the card. Teach them the plus, minus, equal signs. Then ask them to use bottle caps to do the addition problem solving by placing the bottle caps below the number and count all the bottle caps together to sum up as addition mathematic solution, and lastly write the answer on the white board. Like wise, do the same for subtraction.

Hope above method give you an idea of simple mathematic learning for your young learners!

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