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Not Such A Super Nanny? It Pays To Carry Out Nanny Background Checks


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You probably feel like you know the person that takes care of your children while you are working or having a well deserved night out. Most interviews for nannies or babysitters go something like this. As part of the screening process the parents meet the person and gauge her personality or demeanor. They talk to her about her beliefs and practices, and make sure their own beliefs or practices are known.

They may ask her about her experience and who she has worked for before. Then they might tell her what they are willing to pay for her services. The big test comes when the parents allow the nanny or babysitter to meet their children. They usually pay close attention to how the child responds to the person. And that's about it. Screening over.

This probably seems like the best way and normal way to do things. However, one very important thing was left out which could place your child in harms way - in-depth nanny background checks.

You may not think or have even considered that a nanny background check is necessary for this. You may feel as if the sitter or nanny is too nice to have a criminal record, but you should know that many other parents felt the same way and turned out to be very wrong.

In fact, when parents are interviewed about the injury or death of their child at the hands of the nanny, you will see the same expression on their faces as they all say some form of, “I never thought she could do something like this before. "

Heartbroken and in agony, they wish they would have taken the time to check and screen the applicant more thoroughly.

Hindsight brings clarity, but if you take the time now to carry out some nanny background screening checks on the applicants for your nanny or babysitting job, you will feel much better. Not only will you be able to have peace with yourself, but you can prevent your child from suffering at the hands of someone they are supposed to trust.

You don't have to go through a complicated process to perform a nanny background check on someone. The only thing you have to do is visit one of the background check and government records sites that have all of this information in their databases. By simply placing a name in the text box and submitting it, you will be provided with criminal and civil court records, marital records, arrest warrants and more.

Most of the nannies which have committed some type of crime have either been accused or charged with similar things in the past.

Being a parent is a joy, and you want to make sure that your children are always safe. Thoroughly check out the people you bring in to take care of them. Make sure you carry out a proper screening process.

Sure, you could simply get a nanny cam, but in order to catch the nanny or sitter doing something terrible, your children will have to suffer first. As a caring parent you can't allow that to happen.

Find out if you're hiring a great nanny to love and help your children grow, or someone that belongs behind bars. Make sure you go through a proper in-depth screening process and carry out full nanny background checks on your child's nanny before the worst happens.

Remember: Never leave your child alone with a nanny or caregiver without having carried out a thorough screening process. This would include carrying out a professional criminal and sex offender record search, pre-employment background check and references before interviewing.

Is your child safe in the hands of the nanny or sitter? Do you really know? There is a way to find out Here


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