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Child Custody Tips


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Here are tried and true child custody tips from personal experience. It is wise to remember each state will have its own laws governing child custody matters so read these and absorb the knowledge these tips will offer but also know your law.

Some of these tips seem obvious but ignore them and it will cost you. When it comes to money and child custody nothing is left to be chanced. Family Breakups are usually hell, not always but. . Well you have heard the horror stories and unfortunately they are true!

These tips as you go through this process will become second nature, they have to because you are fighting for your child, do I ever have to say that again? YOU ARE FIGHTING FOR YOUR CHILD!

The first tip is there for a reason, the rest of these tips are in no particular order of relevance and by no means are they the only useful tips you will find but they are true and useful.

  • 1) The most important tip I can give: No one, I mean no one will fight or do what you will do to gain custody of your child, right? Wrong. Your ex or soon to be ex will do anything, many times even if only to defeat you. This occurs everyday and sadly at the expense of the child's best interest, I know this to be true. So right now you make the determination, you provide the will, you give hope at any and all cost that you will do whatever it takes to secure yourself and your child's relationship, which you both deserve.
  • 2) Keep your cool - Do not publicly degrade your ex, this can and probably will come back to haunt you, what you say can be used against you. Do not even think about discussing facts of your case with anyone you would not trust your kids’ lives with, if you do not say it your ex will never hear it! Talking about facts, evidence whatever you call it can destroy your chance at winning. It is very hard to do but the less you trust someone with your case the better off you will be, this is a fact, do not take it lightly.
  • 3) Pardon me if you think this is stepping over the line but damn if you want custody of your child be involved in their lives. You may work hard and provide monetary support but if you do not take the time or make the time to do everyday activities such as school, doctor visits, hanging out together, dinner, being there at bedtime, well quite frankly I do not know why you would want custody, this is not a personal contest, this is your child.
  • 4) Offer a safe comfortable living arrangement based on what is good for your child and their needs, not the needs of someone who is single again.
  • 5) This did not seem as important as some of the others but it is, keep track of all activities, their times, dates, expenses as questions will may come up or accusations such as your ex saying you never showed or were late, did not pay etc.
  • 6) Do not discuss this with your child, and do not cut down the other parent. This only makes things worse, the ex, the courts, and the children will become angry, do not do it, besides the fact it may cause you to lose custody.
  • 7) If you are going for custody of your child, you are stating the other parent should not be entitled. Give your reasons and make sure they are true! If they have mental problems, drug or alcohol addictions, are violent etc you need proof. Hearsay will not cut it and the courts will hold it against you if you lie.
  • 8) Start out by making it clear you want custody, do not let the fact you stated all along you wanted joint custody or just custody at this time or whatever (unless that is what you want) this will give you more room to negotiate. If you only ask for what you think is fair to start, what do you have left to give?
  • 9) If it does not come from your lawyer do not sign it, enough said. Did you hear me?!
  • 10) Trust your lawyer with all aspects of your battle, but never, ever be afraid to ask questions or voice concerns. Why? See #1
  • 11) Get the right lawyer, yes this is a tip, grill this person from front to back, top to bottom. You must know they are experienced and will fight to the end for you and your child. Do not know how to get the right one? (Keep reading and you will)

These are a few of my choices for top child custody tips; remember each state has its own set of laws.

This article seems to be a little dark, not very cheery, oh well child custody is not friendly even under the best of situations. Now compound the uneasiness with, anger, hurt feelings, rejection, distrust and it can become war.

Connor Trautmann is impassioned regarding children and their well-being. The first step to winning child custody is to understand what is involved and needed to win custody of your child; it is not by picking the phone up and calling the first lawyer on the page. Discover how this child custody information System CHILD CUSTODY TIPS can save you $2,500 in attorney fees. . . and help get full custody of your kids. CHILD CUSTODY TIPS


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