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Home Automation and The Latch Key Child


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It is a sad but true realization that in today's world that we live in. . . it takes both parents working to provide an income to support the family.

Where does that leave our children?
Unfortunately-just like the movie says. . . Home Alone.

Only 25 years ago, it was the norm for a family could live on a single income.

But what about today’s world?

Between the rise of inflation, the cost of housing and Americas desperate attempt to live above and beyond its means to “keep up with the Jones”, its no wonder that the number of latch key children is growing. Then add the ever-growing number of broken families and single parent families into the mix and its no wonder that many of our youngsters are at home by themselves between the hours of 3PM until Mom or Dad gets home.

In the past concerned parents would call their children at home to see where they were and what they were doing. Today, parents use modern technology like affordable cell phones and pagers to track their kids. Unfortunately though, a cell phone, while it will allow you to stay in contact with your children…doesn’t necessarily tell you WHERE the kids are. This often leads youngsters into trouble knowing they can always talk to Mom & “fib” about there whereabouts.

What if there was a way to tell when the kids got home from school…and when they decided to leave the house without your permission.

Today’s home automation technology allows you to keep an eye on the kids while you are still at the office.

Imagine receiving an email alert when your children get home via your home automation system. Then lets go one step further… imagine being able to monitor your children when ever an unauthorized door or window opens in the home.

Lets take an example. Young Johnny gets home a t 3:15 every day. But today he gets home at 4 PM because of staying late with the wrong crowd at school. Mom knows the minute he gets home via an Internet email. In the past The young man could have lied to his folks…after all, how would they ever know what time he got home. But no longer is that an option with a home automation system that is tied into your security system. Mom can now ask with confidence, “Where have you been & why are you 45 minutes late!”

The same goes for punished children who are on restrictions that are not allowed to go outside to play after school. An Internet email will notify the dad the moment a door or window is opened with a youngster trying to sneak out.

Why not learn more about home automation and how it can help you with your latchkey children?

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