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Baby Skin Care - More or Less?


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We all try to do our very best for our children and especially when our subject happens to be baby skin care.

As parents we have an ingrained desire to gain as much knowledge as we can and apply it for the benefit of our children. We take it very seriously when it comes to making decisions that could affect their current and future health.

However one of the major problems that we have to face is the modern day phenomenon I call ‘flavor of the month’. What I mean by this is one month we are advised to do things a certain way or use a particular product in a certain way and then next month it all changes.

There is so much research done today on everything. Every kind of statistic is available both for and against every conceivable process, chemical, or point of view. Even many of the so called ‘natural’ products have at times been described as harmful. So what is the most sensible approach?

No sooner are we settled on a course of action, or have begun using particular products or doing things in a certain way when ‘new’ research tells us we have in fact been doing it all wrong. Our method or product is no longer beneficial it is now considered to be harmful.

How on earth are we supposed to make our way through the maze of ideas and end up in a place where we can adopt standards? Where on earth can we to turn to and what should be our approach in trying to make sense of it all?

What should be the best approach when it comes to baby skin care despite all we read and hear in the media? Well believe it or not there is a way and there is a best approach and it isn’t too difficult to follow!

When it comes to baby skin care follow this simple method and you won’t go far wrong!

We have talked extensively in the past about using ‘natural’ products for our baby skin care but have you asked yourself the question; why does your baby need baby skin care products at all? What help does Mother Nature need with reference to baby skin care?

Why do you need to put anything on your baby’s delicate sensitive skin in the first place? Have you ever thought about letting Mother Nature strengthen your baby’s skin first? For a period of time let Mother Nature do her job without your baby having to cope with chemicals whether they are considered natural or otherwise?

The basic message here is; use as little as possible for as long as possible or for the very least the first couple of months of your baby’s life.

Make it water only-remember the chemical soup we all live in. Now regardless of baby skin care you would do well to adopt the same attitude with everything connected with your baby. This principle goes for food, clothing, washing, bathing, shampoos in fact the whole of your baby’s environment should be considered.

This way your baby will have a fighting chance for its own immune system to develop and become strong and healthy. I don’t believe you will go far wrong with this very simple but often overlooked principle.

For more great tips about baby skin care visit our website where you will also find more ideas and tips on baby advice.


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