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Free DNA Testing - Native American


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Free DNA testing is being used to identify the ancestral roots of individuals. Ancestry DNA testing is a scientific method that allows ones ethnicity to be worked out. This is done by comparing different DNA points. In North America many individuals are curious about whether they have Native American roots. That’s why free DNA testing Native American has become so popular.

Let’s face it North American ethnicity is a big melting pot. One could be Indo, European, Asian, African, or Native American to name just a few or one could be a mix of any of these. But in recent years more and more people want to find out if they are genetically related to the Native American people of the past.

You can order your free DNA testing Native American ancestry kit online or through any lab that does regular DNA testing. Normally you would simply take a swab of the inside of the cheek and then you would present that sample to a laboratory who would provide you with the results.

The lab might look at the maternal or mitochondrial DNA, or DNA from the paternal line. When looking and mitochondrial DNA there are around 400 points that are different where as with the paternal DNA there is no more than 37 that are needed.

When you get your results you’ll get a letter. This letter will correspond to a specific ethnicity such as Native American, African, or Asian. When you get the letter you can equate that letter to your main ancestry group based on this information.

Oceana, Pacific Islands, Papua New Guinea N : Australian is: P O Q
East Asian is: M, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, O, P, Q, Z
African is: L
Native American is: A, B, C, D, X
Indo-European: Native American/Asian is: H, I, J, K, N, R, T, U, V, W, X


Ancestry DNA remains consistent over the years so whether your ethnicity is based in Asia or in the Native American ancestors of North America your genes will carry those markers. In fact with the Y chromosome this is very true.

It’s simple to find out. Whether your background is Native American, European, or Asian wouldn’t it be fun to find out ? There may be a necessary reason to find out such as a medical condition or you just might want to know for the sake of knowing. Whatever the reason your free DNA testing Native American ethnicity is available online and once you’ve been tested and get your results sheet you can find out where you came from.

If you would like to learn more about genealogy and DNA testing related to that there is plenty of information available online so be sure to take advantage of it. And don’t forget your free DNA testing Native American ethnicity.

About The Author

Morten Hansen has been focused on the DNA Testing area for several years and is mainly writing about DNA subjects, that makes it easier for people to understand the different issues about DNA Testing. For more details about DNA Testing visit our website


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