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Parenting is demanding enough, but parenting all by yourself without the help of a spouse is far more difficult. Single parents technically have double the responsibility any usual parent does. They cannot hand of half of their duties to someone else and hope to relax for a while. Caring for a baby is backbreaking work, thus all single parents look for possible help. Thankfully, a large umber of childcare facilities has become available for single parents today. But, on the flipside, choosing the right childcare facility out of the hordes available is a job in itself.

If you are looking for some sort of childcare facility you will first have to do decide which option will work best for you. You can choose from one-to-one caregivers to childcare centers and a thousand other options.

A number of single parents opt for nannies or au pairs who provide childcare at home. This is often a good arrangement since it does not include the entire picking up and dropping off fiasco. It also ensures that your schedule, no matter how erratic it is, does not come in the way of your child’s well being. Single parents often find the strict timings at most day care centers very inconvenient. It becomes difficult them to manage dropping off or picking up their baby’s at a specific time. A childcare provider who comes home therefore is a far better option for them. Also, the fact that your child will be within the comfort of your own home and not in some godforsaken day care center is also a strangely comforting thought.

However, don’t expect a childcare provider to solve all your problems cause they have issues of their own. The first problem with a childcare provider is the amount of trust they need from your side. Its not easy or advisable for any parent to entrust their child with an individual they have never seen before. Also, it is not particularly cheap. So in case you are considering finding a caregiver for your child try and look for someone you know. In case that’s not possible at least try and get to know your nanny a little better before employing him/her. See how he/she deals with the child. Ask for recommendations and speak to former employers. Also, do remember to find out where he/she lives. If everything works out and the financial end is taken care of a childcare provider might solve all your baby-related problems.

If however you are unable to find someone who suits your bill opt for a day care center. Here your child will stay under the close supervision of a number of trained caregivers. More than one caregiver means more support, it also means greater reliance. Even if one of the caregivers are sick you know that your baby won’t go uncared for due to the presence of the other caregivers. The day care center is also a place where the child learns to socialize, more number of people and kids his/her own age will allow your baby to open up to more easily. But despite all its conveniences a day care center is not a preferable option for most parents. This is because kids here hardly get any individual attention. There is also an increased probability of sickness among the children in these centers.

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