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There is truly no more wondrous a feeling than being a parent and in the same sentence there can be times when being a parent can be the hardest single most difficult thing you will ever do.

From the moment you bring your bundle of joy home, the choices you make become extremely important. You have a new little person that will grow up with the morals and manners that it's parents will want for them and through your actions will instill in them for life.

You will want your child to be honest, trust-worthy, kind, fun loving and fair. To achieve this all you will need to do is be honest, trust-worthy, kind, fun loving and fair with your child. Living the way you want your child to be from the moment you begin your lives together is the best way to insure your success.

Reading to your child and instilling a love for reading will enable your child to experience things and explore all the world has to offer from a very young age. Through reading and curiosity a world of opportunities and adventures will open for them. Reading and comprehending what they read is key from kindergarten through college and beyond.

Encouragement and the belief that “you can be what ever you want to be", should start at an early age. Never be discouraging or negative about any dreams for now or the future your child may have. Believing and confidence in oneself is half the battle.

There are times when being a parent can be the most frustrating thing you will ever do. Many of these times will come in the early years when a child will “test" you. Remember to always say what you mean and here's the big part. . . “Mean what you say". If you give in to these “tests" they will only get worse.

Family and the love shared by them should be shared with your child. Get together, game nights and family reunions should always include the children. Bonding with entire families from both sides of a family will instill a deep love and respect in your child for family and what they mean to them.

While this is not all the answers to every event or problem a parent may encounter, its a great start. The basics will get a parent well on their way to becoming an informed parent.

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