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Spiritual Healing Meditation For Busy Moms - Manifesting Peace and Prosperity


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This is something I've been using in my journalling and meditation. . . . It is so powerful for me in bringing me to the centered energy, that I am actually seeing and feeling that my life with and within this energy is really the only place I want to be. . . I thought it might be useful to you as well. . .

I start off by saying something I want, and I find it especially helpful and important related to money and success. . . . or anything else that tends to stress me out!

Taking 5 minutes to write this out is one of the most powerful meditations I have ever found. . . . It is like rocket fuel for peace, self-empowerment, love and inspiration for me! I love it.

I want success. . . .

loving and beloved of self and higher Self I've been given, one day at a time. . . .

loving and beloved of mate and partner Wayne I've been given, ODAAT

loving and beloved of daughter Ava I've been given, ODAAT

loving and beloved of mother Dorothy I've been given ODAAT

loving and beloved of animals, things, home and nature I've been given ODAAT

loving and beloved of all friends and fellows I've been given ODAAT

loving and beloved of the world I've been given ODAAT.

I got the “I've been given" part from Eckhart Tolle; I find it helpful in releasing attachment and posession.

And I've been repeatedly inspired to the centering path of family and loved ones by Chogyam Trungpa and his book, Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior and Stephen Covey and his, First Things First.

I see you enjoying your journey as you live more and more from your heart center. . . . experiencing success beyond your dreams.

Thank you for being here.

p. s. I like to live as I was born to live. . . . I share it with others at

Nancy Madlin is an energy alignment expert, coach and author who has been seeing things in terms of intuition, emotional patterns, thought and energy for as long as she can remember. She has been in business for herself for 25 years, living her life along spiritual lines for 15, and creating her own reality with the law of attraction for 12. She enjoys expansion, process and positive manifestation; the magnificent and beautiful path of intentional personal growth is her passion.

For more real-life, zero b. s. help with living the law of attraction, visit Nancy's blog at and her Web site at


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