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7 Secrets of EQ Motherhood

Jas Ng

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The most challenging tasks for today parents is how to develop high EQ child. Every parents want their children to be success in their life. Your children are learning their life skills 60% from family members, while 40% are from school life. If you want your children to success, besides emphasis on IQ, also never forget on your child enrichment in EQ. Many successors today proven to be success not because of their high IQ, but also their high EQ, such as emotional control, temper control, good social and communication skills!

Here I share 7 Secrets of EQ Motherhood. Hope this tips are useful reference especially for young parents today!

Secret #1 Care about your children emotional and expression.

Be alert and sensitive to yourself and your children. Parents have to be observance and sensitive when your child feel sad while watching a sad movie. Parent have to show their appreciation on their child ability to express their sympathy on a sad movie. It shows that your child is not a self centered person, he or she is able to express their concern to other person.

Secret #2 Avoid yelling or shouting to your children.

Parents have to be in controlled of temper or mode, in any situations. Many parents feel guilty after yell and shout, scolding etc. Try to think about your children is the most wonderful gift for your life, they are your angel of your heart.

Secret #3 Identify your child feeling by listening and positive response.

Parent have to share your listening ear to your child. Identify your child feeling by listening and responding with positive questions. Try not asking “what have you done wrong again?", instead parent should ask “what had happened to make you feel bad ?" You can also response by hugging your child by sitting on your lap. This can make you child open his or her heart to tell you his or her feeling.

Secret #4 Always help your child to remember the happy moment.

By remember the happiest moment, parents and children are in harmony and enjoyable in every activities. This is helping your child to build confidence in himself or herself.

Secrets #5 Help your children to manage emotional bad temper by cold down corner.

Identify a corner at home as cold down corner, avoid corner near TV, room with lock or toys area. The best corner is an area parent still can watch them to ensure their safety. This is the corner where your children learn how to manage their emotion by staying alone and not disturbing by anyone. At the corner, your children is able to think of what had happened, and realise the root cause of the emotional happened. Note cold down corner should be used for 15 minutes or less to avoid your children feel uncomfortable later.

Secrets #6 Help your children how to express themselves by various verbs.

Parents should respond to your child by using rich vocabulary such as worry, scare, angry, sad, mad, not feeling well etc to help your child transform the feeling to proper verbs to express their inner feeling. An example when parent noticed their child is crying, respond to them by asking “Are you feeling very sad ?" Your child will feel their emotional express has been receiving a positive response. Your child will use rich vocabulary to tell you the whole story.

Secrets #7 Finding solution.

Once your child is able to express their feeling to you, its will come to problem solving. Parents have to find a solution by various methods. Here I suggested a few steps for finding solutions. First, identify the objective of the solution. Second, brain storm possible solutions. Thirdly, decided the solution to use based on your family value. Forth, help your child to choose a suitable solution by studying the result of the solution chosen.

Hope above secrets help in your parenting!

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