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If you have a body of water on your property, such as a pond or lake, you may want to install fountains in them. The same mechanism—a network of steel tubes and wirings that make fabricated water fountains function can be installed in natural or manmade lakes and ponds.

Fountains enhance the beauty of the pond or lake. The water spray adds character to the otherwise flat water surface. This is more evident at night when you turn on the lights of the fountain and many colors illumine the surface of the water. Add more excitement to special occasions, such as garden weddings, romantic dinners, or outdoor corporate events with awesome fountain displays.

Pond fountains are usually found on golf courses. The mechanism which pumps water up actually cleans the body of water in the process of aeration. In this way, the water is kept fresh. This discourages the growth of algae and makes the pond a conducive environment for keeping and breeding fish.

There are two types of pond fountains. Depending on the construction material used, the pond fountain can either be for clean water ponds or for dirty water ponds. Both are usually made form stainless steel to ensure durability against damaging elements. The ones constructed for dirty water environments have special pumps that contain silicon carbide face seals to protect them from dirt or sand in the water.

An estimated cost for fountain suited for ponds as big as one-half to an acre is about $1,150, inclusive of packing and freight. This much would already give you a fountain with a spray size of 16 feet in height and 16 inches in width, in a three tier pattern. Most fountain ponds do not require any special electricity requirements or voltage. For the best rates, look around first before zeroing in on a supplier.

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