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A Very Brief History of the Bean Bag Seat


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The Bean Bag chair is a well-known fashionable item associated with home furniture and symptomatic of a tendency towards contemporary, progressive more democratic pieces of furniture - in fact a product of pop tradition. This quick report will record the fifty year story of this glorious item.

It is generally considered that the bean bag was introduced by Roger Dean, a twenty year old employee at the UK small business Hille Furniture - a business that was started by a Russian emigrant in the east end of London in 1906. Roger Dean, who worked together with Hille, is considered by some being the father of the bean bag. Although his design for the Sea Urchin easy chair enabled it to mould to the shape of the individual being carried, the development was of foam areas, therefore rather different to the fluid design of the polystyrene beans inside a cloth bag. It was the Sea Urchin model that introduced him to Hille, and led to him being commissioned to provide the interior of the newly-expanded Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, in London.

The easy chair is composed of twelve parts of foam and covered in diverse types of fur. Despite the fact that it was circular in shape, the chair would form by itself towards the contours associated with the sitter, who would get a comfy seating position of various angles. A few debate that the Sea Urchin is nothing more than a modified futon mattress, not really that this is so important simply because the Sea Urchin is typically credited as really being the forerunner to the Sacco what most of us recognize nowadays as the beanbag.

It’s not until 1969 that the beanbag as all of us recognize today emerged into existence. Italian creators Gatti, Paolini, and also Teodora were doing business for the Zanotta Company and had been striving to come up with the best kind of seat to sell to 60's hipsters and hippies. The easy chair would have to be stylish, practical, and also in-tune with the 1960's way of living. With the brief outlined they went about creating this seat, and what they gave birth to ended up being referred to as Sacco or the Socco as it became identified abroad. It was the Sacco which was the 1st modern-day bean bag - a pear shaped leather bag stuffed with thermocol pellets.

It is rumoured that the Socco was really an accidental discovery that came from a Styrofoam factory where they put all the excess bits from the production line within a bag. In any event the Sacco became the first present day beanbag.

In the 70s the Sacco started to be greatly well-liked and brought the pair of creators overnight fame. The easy chair resembles the current day beanbag. Nonetheless, in contrast to the standard bean bag seat, the Sacco was pear shaped and produced with real high-quality leather, and had a headrest section shaped by moving pellets. It oozed class, class, luxury and as a result ended up being a pricey product to produce and buy.

In the 70s the Sacco was mass publicized but not as the Sacco. Promoters needed a title for an imitation of the Sacco, and they came up with, the more straightforward name - the beanbag. The main difference between the Sacco and the beanbag was that the beanbag used less costly elements to help make it cheaper for the normal person. The beanbag would carry on to come to be regarded as an icon of the 70s alongside the disco ball, lava lamps, space invaders, Pong and Abba.

During the 1980’s the beanbag shed a lot of its stylish reputation and as a result was banished to the realm of “kiddie furniture”. The beanbag started to be the kid’s choice of seat for watching TV.

The beanbags reputation wasn’t done any favours when a number of youngsters were harmed and even suffocated to death after crawling inside of beanbag chairs and inhaling the beans in the carrier. In March 1995, the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) in America recalled some 12,000,000 bean bag chairs and expected all seats sold in the marketplace right after that date to have childproof zip fasteners.

A beanbag rebirth commenced in the later part of 1990’s thanks to suppliers who commenced utilizing enhanced production techniques such as double stitching and better fabrics as well as aesthetic advancements which aided to create beanbags more durable and appealing.

During the last decade the beanbag has grown in attractiveness and has become more than just an interior comfy seat. Now you can get out-of-doors beanbags great for summer time BBQs, beanbags for the swimming pool, beanbags mattresses for your pets, even beanbag stools and couches. Sumo even makes specialized gaming beanbags. Whole new generations are finding the beanbag the first time on account of their retro charm.

Ian Roberts works for Mr Bean Bag (UK) which is one of the UK's leading suppliers of affordable, high quality contemporary bean bag chairs and furniture. You can find out more about these wonderful products at
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