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Choosing Your Style of Window Treatments.

Michael Noble

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Window treatments have a tremendous impact on your bedroom decor. Considering the space these treatments take up, their colour and pattern have as much or more influence over the decorating scheme of the room in question from other very important items such as bedroom furniture, bedding sets, lighting and any displayed artwork to name a few. Simply hanging curtains or draperies without any thought or planning could in some case be a disaster.

The ambiance of the bedroom is reflected in the style of the window treatment, from simple straight curtains to pinch-pleated draperies including many other choices in between. Your choice will not only be a question of looks; it will also depend on how much light you wish to exclude and how much privacy you need to gain.

Once you have decided what you require in terms of function, you can enjoy playing with the aesthetics of your windows. For example, experts tell us that curtains, whether traditional chintz or crumpled linen, are regarded as the most feminine option and tend to make a room feel very cosy and insular from the outside world. Blinds however, whether they are roller, Roman or Venetian, have a crisper, cooler look and takes up less floor and wall space.

The combination of drapes, curtains and blinds are often used together. Remember, the more layers there are in a window treatment, the more formal it becomes and the more challenging it becomes in getting the harmonisation of colour and styles to suit the bedroom in question. However, a word of caution; if one is not careful; the decorating budget for window treatments can cost more than the bedroom furniture, especially when you have the treatments custom made.

One way of dramatically reducing your window treatment costs, is by choosing luxury bedding sets that not only have decorative pillows made from the same design and fabric but have matching window treatments that will totally enhance your bedroom decor. Renowned international bedding designers such as Croscill, Laura Ashley and Rose Tree bedding provide such perfect window treatments in the form of drapes and valances displaying the theme of the comforter and bed-skirts, thus setting and further enhancing the theme of the bedroom.

Consider what you want the window treatments to do for your bedroom. You should have in your mind at the very least they will disguise the hard surfaces and angles of the window with soft, graceful folds of beautiful fabric.

Choosing and installing window hardware should also be in your mind when considering what type of window treatment to use. Such hardware as multi-component systems can easily be combined to suit any purpose and style.
Where do you mount this hardware? Most draperies and curtains are mounted outside the window frame, far enough above and to the sides so that they easily cover the window. For traversing draperies for example, the pole should extend far enough to the sides of the window to accommodate the stacking area for the pleats. Some stretched or hour glass curtains are mounted on spring pressure rods inside or onto the window frame itself using sash rods.

The correct height for mounting curtains and draperies varies with the style, ceiling height, window size and the overall window treatment. It should be high enough to cover the top of the window frame or any under-treatments that you might be using. If for example you want to create an illusion that the window is larger than it actually is, the window treatment can be mounted higher and or wider.

There are so many options open to the customer when choosing window treatments that it could in some cases cause confusion. One of many ways is to look at brochures, magazines or adverts to get some idea, or walk around shopping malls observing the latest trends, if possible, taking photographs using your mobile phone. When you are satisfied with the information obtained, sit down with your family or friends and present your findings. Not only is it a good social occasion, it could become very productive to get somebody else’s perspective. Eventually you will come to choose the right window treatment for your bedroom.

To summarize, like the rest of your bedroom, the window treatments are a reflection of your favourite decorating style and character. There are styles to match any mood and decor such as contemporary, classic, formal and traditional which some of these treatments can be found > In fact there are countless fabrics, rods and trims to make your window treatments unique. The choice is up to you.


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Finding the Right Window Treatments
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