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Terrazzo flooring maintenance

Scott Howard

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People are very conscious about the flooring of their houses. There are a number of different options regarding the flooring of houses, such as, the marble floors, wood floors, chip floors and the stone floors etcetera. Among these floorings, the most commonly and successfully used flooring is the terrazzo flooring. It is considered as the most traditional and ancient type of flooring and suits almost all types of themes because these are available in different forms, structure, designs, patterns and colors.

Thus, if someone wants to give their house a specific theme, they can rely the terrazzo flooring. The durability of this floor can be estimated from the observation that the ruins of ancient roman civilization was found to contain floors with terrazzo floorings and those floors are still intact and fresh. Despite of the harsh environmental factors, temperature and other destructive elements, the floorings of the Pompeii ruins managed to remain smooth and intact, which is the sign of the strength of the terrazzo floors.

Various patterns and designs can be created using this flooring as the common binder, that is, the epoxy binder is available in different colors. A combination of this binder with the terrazzo chips makes the flooring look gorgeous. People prefer this flooring over other systems because of its affordability, durability and ease of application. The binder most commonly used in terrazzo flooring, that is, the epoxy binder gives strength to the floor and does not break or crack. Therefore, the flooring remains intact and petrified. Besides, this is a traditional floor and with the help of proper accessories can create a blend of traditional and modern theme for the room in which it is used.

Therefore, using the terrazzo floor at right place in right manner may give the house a stylish look. The floor is also extremely easy to be maintained and looked after. Following a few steps may help one maintain the glow and smoothness of the floor easily; 1.

While making the floor, wax and other topical sealers are used, and it needs to be stripped off as soon as the construction work is over. The waxy seal is intended to prevent the flooring from getting rough while the construction work is still under progress. Thus, as soon as the construction is over, one must remove these strips.

2. In case of the appearance of spots or holes in the floor, one should not use any floor cleaner; instead one should consult their contractor for this purpose. Every cleaner is not meant for your floor as there are so many binders used for flooring purposes; the cleaner should be selective for your floor as well.

3. If you want to fill up the holes in the floor, you should call the terrazzo technician so that he may match the designing and finally smoothen it to level with the surface of your floor. 4. The usual cleaning or routine moping off the dirt using warm water helps one to maintain the shine and glow of the floor. Using chemicals to polish your floor is never a good idea as it may cause harm to your family and the environment. 5. In order to restore the original shine and sheen of the terrazzo floor, one should call technician to polish the surface. For this purpose, a thin layer is ground from the surface so that brighter part of the floor comes up. The chemicals are used afterwards so that the shine remains as such for long duration of time. Once restored, terrazzo floors can last like this for a long time if proper care is taken to maintain its sheen and shine. This type of flooring is probably one of the most durable floorings of all times as it has been improved since it was used for the first time. Thus, one never regrets having terrazzo flooring installed in their home or any other place. The cost effectiveness, eternity, beauty and designing say this all and this is the reason why it has been used since long history. The terrazzo flooring fit best for everyplace, that is, beautiful and elegant look of the houses, churches and other religious places, public places and various institutes etcetera can be achieved by this amazing flooring technique. It does not worn out quickly, which makes it perfect to be installed in the public places or where there comes a large number of common public traffic. Thus, terrazzo is such a floor that can be used anywhere and fits for every theme and gives room the look one desires. .


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