Let Your Wall Art Define You


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Wall art can be defined by family portraits or historical paintings adorned on the walls of a home. In a home with young children, wall art can even be described as crayola mishaps. Wall art depends upon the personality of the home and in most cases, the homeowner’s preference. Whatever wall art that you prefer, here are some reasons why your home’s wall art will transform your house into a home.

Wall art sets the tone of a room- From pastel shades to bold colors your home wall art will emphasize the feel and tone for a room. A playroom might not feature Victorian style art, but rather colorful artwork, or even candid photos of the children. Likewise, Victorian paintings would be more suitable in a formal dining room. Wall art displaying food items would obviously work best in a kitchen. Imagine the cravings you will develop at the sight of a picture depicting a fruit basket or a retro burger drive-in!

Wall art reflects upon a memory- The family trip to Disneyland is captured by the 8 x 10 photo shot of your 5-year old son shaking Donald Duck’s … um … wing, or a 5 x 7 photo in your office features your baby daughter’s big smile of her first teeth coming in. As your children grow, these family moments become a valued reflection of their childhood. The photos on the walls in your home will document the priceless memories of the family milestones.

Wall art brings life to a room- Bringing these outside creations into your home is usually a beautiful addition to your home décor. For every season, and in every region, there are various flowers and plants associated with those areas and times of the year. The fall foliage, the summer sunflowers, the snow-capped mountains can all be represented in the home through an artist’s paintings or an actual preservation of the natural creation. The orchid lei that you were welcomed with on your vacation to Hawaii can be preserved in a frame on your bedroom wall.

After a full day of absorbing the scenic views of the beautiful outside creations, can you imagine coming home to bare walls at each corner? The wall art of your home will fill the void of blank space and add presence, life and a human touch to your home. Wall art doesn’t have to be the most expensive painting auctioned off from the art gallery. It can be as simple and priceless as your child’s artwork from school. Wall art can be anything that you want to display. Most importantly, let your wall art be a definition of you and you will feel at home.

Stephanie Tuia is an internet marketer for Wall Art Concepts
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