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I have candles in every room of the house. I love them. Maybe it’s because I’m a fire sign, Sagittarius. In fact, I’ve got like 7 planets in fire signs. I resonate with it a lot. I love campfires and fireplaces . . . and candles!

Now candles come in some of the most intricate patterns and shapes and colors. You can buy candles shaped like angels and trees and mushrooms. Some of them are very realistic. They come in more colors than I can really wrap my brain around, too. Way more than just the rainbow. Candles can be neon pinks and greens all the way to blacks and odd mixtures of colors. Some are marbled. Those are pretty.

Candles may be decorated, too. You might see sequins or paint or glitter on candles. I really wouldn’t want to burn those candles. I like the ones that are sculpted into lacey designs, but I won’t burn them, either! They’re too pretty!

Candles are made for every occasion and season. There are your basic birthday cake candles or the ones that are shaped like numbers so you can put the birthday person’s age on the candle without burning down the house. Keeps you from trying to put 60 candles on a cake! Christmas tree candles, Hanukkah candles, pumpkin candles, Easter egg candles. If you can think of a holiday, there is a candle just made for it.

Candles come scented or unscented, too. I like those 7-day candles in the clear glass that come in simple colors like red, yellow, green and blue. You find them for about $2 in the Mexican food section of the grocery. They’re unscented. But you can also get candles in fruity scents and spicy scents. Some candles smell like your favorite perfume.

Funny, though. With all this variety to choose from, I really prefer vanilla candles in clear glass containers. Those are my favorites. I like to keep my candles simple. I have vanilla candles from votives to big pillars. I also like the ones that come in reusable jars with lids that seal. Whatever kind of candle you like, it’s out there. There are as many choices as you can possibly imagine!

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Phoebe Mettarod loves doing home crafts and making things pleasant for her family. She uses candles and other lighting and decorating to create a mood for each room in her home. You can learn more about candles at Candle


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