Oh, the Comforts of a Luxurious Down Comforter


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What makes down comforters such sought after bed attire? For one, down offers superb thermal properties because it traps small pockets of air very efficiently. These little pockets of air provide an effective thermal barrier and are the reason that people often comment on the perfect sleeping temperature that a down comforter provides.

Along with the temperature regulation that the air pockets around down feathers provide, is the enduring fluffiness of a nice down comforter. This feature of down is commonly referred to as its ‘loft’. The little air pockets not only keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but keep a down comforter pleasantly fluffy and inviting year after year.

Although down comforters have been around for centuries, there have been some more recent innovations that add to the form, function and longevity of the down comforter. Many manufacturers use a box stitch or some similar stitching pattern to keep the down feathers from shifting around over time. If you’ve ever owned a down comforter that did not have this feature you probably noticed that the down tends to shift and clump in various portions after a couple of years.

Another improvement on the down comforter are anti-microbial treatments that are applied to the inner down stuffing of a comforter. Such chemical treatments discourage the proliferation of mold, mildew and other fungus that can otherwise intrude and ruin your down comforter. These anti-microbial treatments last for several years, even through dry cleaning.

If you’ve ever owned a down comforter you may have wondered why the label recommends using only dry cleaning to launder the comforter. While it’s true that thick fabrics tend to be difficult to dry out after washing, this is not the only reason that down-filled items should not be washed with water.

When down becomes wet its thermal properties are greatly diminished, as well as its lofting characteristics. This is simply because getting down wet, or compressing down into a very small volume, expels the air that is trapped between the feathers. Assuming that you could effectively dry a down comforter after washing it with detergent and water, it could take months for the down feathers to fluff up and trap air again. And in the meantime, you would certainly notice the decreased fluffiness of your once heavenly down comforter.

Small stains and spots can be removed with warm water and soap. Just use a hair dryer on the area after you’ve cleaned it. If there aren’t huge spills or large amounts of grime penetrating the cover, you should be able to go for a long time without getting the comforter dry cleaned.

One of the easiest and most important ways to protect your down comforter is by using a removable cover. The dirt that builds up from regular use will only affect the washable cover. This cover can be removed and laundered using a regular washer and dryer. Also, the cover serves as the first layer of the heat dispersal features of down. Perspiration is absorbed by only the cover layer, while the body’s heat passes into the down and expands the tiny air pockets.

With a little maintenance and regular care your down comforter will be around to soothe you for years to come!

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