How to Use Picture Frames to Decorate an Interior Space


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We all have seen paintings being used in our home interiors. They play a major role when it comes to decorating an interior space.

There are basically two types of frames, first are the photographs captured using a camera and others are hand drawn sketches or paintings. There are two major aspects to a picture frame, the frame itself and the subject of the picture.

When it comes to the subject of the picture a vast majority and almost infinite subjects are available to choose from. Photos or hand drawn pictures of birds, animals, natural beauty, people, portraits, birds, scenery, architecture, cityscapes, mountains, oceans and sea, geometric shapes, non-geometric shapes, abstract shapes, strokes, flowers, interiors, vehicles, and a whole lot more. . . can be “framed" to form a beautiful picture frame.

When it comes to choosing the exact subject of the picture frame, one must recognize the surroundings of the interior space, location where the picture frame is going to appear, the quality and dimensions of the wall surface where the picture frame will appear. It is always not true that the picture will be put on the wall. Sometimes small frames standing on the table can greatly add the liveliness of a room.

It is important to consider that we are going to use the painting as a “filler" on the wall. The space on the wall, which is empty, gets filled up with interesting array of colors present in the picture. Colors attract the attention of the visitor and creates moods in his/her mind.

Let's see an example of how a picture frame creates moods in our mind. Here I use 4 photographs of kittens and frame them to for picture frames to use on an empty wall in my bedroom. I locate these frames such that I see them prominently when I enter the bedroom. The real life photos of kittens instantly create a soothing and compassionate feelings in me which are in tune with how I feel in my bedroom sleeping on my bed.

On the other hand if I use a photo of the “Ford Mustang" , my feelings would be more of a alert nature because of the various memories attached to it previously. On the other hand if I use the Ford Mustang photo in my study room, that would greatly help to warm up the atmosphere.

That's why subjects that create a soothing mindset such as natural beauty, photos/portraits of children, etc. . can be used where the human activity is of low nature such as bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. .

There is one more element that can affect the choice of a picture frame in an interior space. The “design theme" of a space must be given importance while selecting the picture. If the interior design theme is of oriental nature, then picture with more use of colors will look good. This is because in an oriental design style more emphasis is given on “decorative elements" such as drapes, cornices, tiny plaster treatments, window and door frames, decorations in brass, etc. .

To enhance the continuity of this theme on the empty wall surface a painting with more detailed subject should be used. Picture of natural scenery is best suited for this, because “nature" is full of variety of colors and their shades, that can greatly enhance the beauty of the space.

A little creative thinking can add some more interest to the picture. For example what if I totally remove the frame which holds the picture intact and “press" the picture between two glass plates. Only metallic clamps at the four corners can be used to hold the glass plates together. Artificial light used in the room will then cast a shadow of the picture on the wall behind and can add “depth" to the picture surface.

Picture frames with the ability to replace the picture is a good starting point. This give s to control to test what's good and impressive in your room. This article was just a starting point to ignite the imagination in your mind. I hope it has helped you and you have enjoyed the text.

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