Decorative Touches for Your Kitchen


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Could your kitchen use a facelift? Maybe you have a newer home, and yet the kitchen isn’t quite what you want. Or if you live in an older residence, the kitchen may be ready for remodeling. If you can’t afford to go that route just yet, a few decorative touches can help to make a difference that will brighten your kitchen and make it a cheerier place to work.

Start by inspecting the walls. Do they need a new coat of paint or a fresh wallpaper pattern? This won’t cost much if you can do the work yourself. If you must pay someone, start saving a little bit of money each week toward this goal. Before long, you will have enough to cover the cost of the walls’ appearance.

Then check out the lighting. Is the overhead fixture out of doubt, faded, or in danger of falling? Replace it with track lighting or fluorescent bulbs to make the room brighter. You may be able to find reliable, expert help by contacting your local chamber of commerce. This office might know of retired contractors who can do this type of lighting replacement for a fraction of a cost that a professional would charge.

How does the flooring look? If it is dated, worn, or tattered, you might be able to lay new tile or linoleum. These are easy to care for and usually not terribly expensive. Follow directions carefully, and ventilate the area well if you plan to do this job on your own. It shouldn’t take long, but make sure the floor is undisturbed as long as necessary to keep it sticking properly.

Are the cupboards holding up? You may want to refinish just the doors of each cupboard to make them smooth and attractive. Or you can have all of the cupboards redone and put up again for a new look. Another alternative, albeit more costly, is to replace the old with new cupboards. This can be pretty expensive, and the work is time-consuming, so find out the details before making a decision of this magnitude.

Could the kitchen benefit from a few accents? How about a corner shelf or a new countertop? Are your appliances ready to be replaced? Do you need a dishwasher? Check out some areas like these to see if new ones might make your kitchen more functional as well as more attractive. Even a new kitchen table with matching chairs might make a big difference in changing the look of that room.

Start by listing the changes you would like to make in the kitchen, along with each job’s estimated cost. Then figure out a budget to see how much you can afford to get this work done. Start small, if necessary, so you can start feeling good about the immediate improvements. As time and money allow, gradually make the more substantial improvements to keep your kitchen looking and working great. From ceiling to floor, you need not change everything at once. Even a few small replacements or upgrades will be enough to make you enjoy this important area more than ever.

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