Persian Rugs and Oriental Rugs are the Only Rugs that Talk!

Penny Krieger

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You’ve heard of flying carpets of course but have you ever heard of a talking rug? I’ve been in the rug business for a number of years and my statement is, was and always will be, that a really good rug talks. This is a hand-made woven piece of art sometimes taking hundreds of hours to make that is often endowed with the creative insight of the weavers and the skill of the dyers.

I made the above statement once to an Interior Designer and she asked me, “What was the rug saying?" We laughed together but I do believe she was being slightly facetious. This was fine as I have been known to get pretty excited about this subject in general. I then proceeded to answer her question promptly and with such certainty she did in fact listen attentively. Here were a few of my answers.

I’ve always referred to a “good rug" as a rug that is so breathtaking that 9 out of 10 people that see it must comment on it, admire it, notice it or show some kind of desire to own it! This is not a rug you see every day, but find here and there and behold! It speaks out.

“There is happiness here, please come and see me"

“I will make you feel better if you just stay with me for a while. "

“Your heart is clear and so is mine. "

“Beauty is for everyone, just look this way. "

“When you look at me you will see the thoughts of your dreams"

“The colors of the Earth are beautiful and I am here to remind you of that. "

“We are calm together and you can relax now"

I have seen thousands and thousands of rugs from countries all over the world, but I am speaking here in terms of hand-woven works of art.

Sigmund Freud had a beautiful Persian Qashqai (a tribal rug woven in Southern Iran) covering the couch in his office. He also had pillows made from rugs and other textiles which created a mood of safety and comfort.

If you’d like to learn more about Oriental Rugs please look for my article How to Buy an Oriental Rug .

When you find the talking rug, there will be no doubt in your mind!

And I thought coffee was addicting!

© Penny Krieger 2005

Penny Krieger is the owner of Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc. , formerly located Santa Rosa, CA. Specializing in vegetable dyed handmade rugs from Iran and Afghanistan, her new gallery is now located at 137 North Main Street in Sebastopol, CA.

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