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A locker is a storage box or compartment that has a lock and is used to store clothing, books, gym equipment, etc. In most schools there are lockers located in the halls for students to store their books, and there are lockers in the gym area to store sports wear and equipment. A room full of lockers is known as a “locker room. "

A locker can also be a refrigerated cabinet or room for stocking frozen foods or an insulated area for equipment. In the digital and information technology world lockers denote virtual storage places for files, web pages and other data.

Years ago, a locker was a steel compartment locked with steel a steel gadget that was either opened by aligning numbers to a set code or with a key. Times have changed and so have lockers. They can now be custom designed to meet the needs of students, athletes, and health care workers. There are so many lockers to choose from, it is a good idea to do your homework before buying one. You need to know what features and accessories go with the type of business you are supplying in order to save time and money. One of the first things to consider is the size of the lockers that you need. How many lockers do you need, and what will be stored in them? Most lockers come in a standard size and are made of steel. Most lockers that are ordered are pre-assembled or “knock-down. " “Knock-down" lockers usually require assembly, whereas pre-assembled lockers are welded and can be easily set up.

If you’re in charge of maintenance at your company, and you need to purchase lockers – by all means, if you don’t know much about them, talk to an expert. Consulting with a locker manufacturer will definitely save you time and money.

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