Make Bathroom Wall Mirrors Part Of Remodeling A Small Bathroom


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Too often homes are built with bathrooms that are far too small. If you've got one of those home you can make bathroom wall mirrors part of remodeling.

There are several ways you can make your bathroom look a lot bigger than it is including the use of mirrors. Here are some great tips.

1. Wallpaper
Wallpaper can add a nice touch to a bathroom but you need to make sure you keep the patterns nice and small especially in a small room. Borders are a great way to give the illusion of larger and there are some great ones to choose from.

2. Paint
Light colors in cool shades work best in a small bathroom. It will give the room an airy feel and create an optical illusion. Consider combining two colors.

3. Lighting
Your bathroom lighting can play an important role in creating the feeling of space. Space your fixture so that they provide the optimum lighting and effect. Natural lighting is always a great asset if available. Consider installing a skylight.

The lighting above the vanity should not be overpowering. You don't want to be blinded by too harsh of lighting.

4. Bathroom Mirrors
Placing mirrors opposite each other is an age old trick that gives the illusion of space especially when it is combined with plenty of light. If your bathroom has a window and you place a mirror opposite at the correct angle you will give the illusion of an additional window.

You vanity mirrors should be adequate to be used for what they are intended for and you might also consider choosing fogless glass. You can add a shower mirror to the bathroom as well and of course wall mirrors are a great investment.

5. Bathroom Wall Mirror
Just like reflective surfaces this is an excellent way to make your room look much larger but you need to be careful with the lighting. Too much lighting around the mirror can cause headaches.

If you have lots of mirrors in the room the light fixtures can be just too overpowering. If you have a mirror that covers the entire wall or above the sink use track lighting with the opaque bulbs for a softer yet very functional lighting. And it's much easier to take first thing in the morning.

Angle the mirrors to get the most out of them. The angle of the mirror can give the illusion of larger room. Strategically placed it can reflect a floral bouquet on the opposite side of the room or it can reflect another mirror.

If you will be using your bathroom as your dressing room consider placing wall mirrors so that you have 360 degree viewing.

6. Bath Mats And Racks
Avoid heavy use of towel racks and bath mats. Keep it light and simple. In a small room it doesn't take much too suddenly feel crowded and a common mistake is too many mats and racks.

7. Reflective Surfaces
Bathroom cabinets and countertops that have a shiny reflective surface help make the bathroom look much larger.

A small bathroom will always be small but there are many ways to create the illusion of a much larger room and using bathroom wall mirrors is one of the ways.

Janett has worked as a home interior decorator for more than 10 years, so she knows the importance of a well placed mirror in your bedroom or your bathroom. Janett will give you a list of answers to questions on , in order for you to find the best contemporary mirrors that is best suited for your room.


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