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There are few places in the home where country decor can shine better than in the bedroom. All the warmth, welcome, and simplicity that characterize country decor is simply the most effective in bedroom decor. Country bedding and furniture can easily create a comforting and relaxing setting that is unrivaled by any other decor style. This makes a country decor the perfect choice for a guest room, for instance, as it will do an excellent job of setting your guests at ease in your home. Furthermore, country bedding is the perfect balance of aesthetic appeal and functionality, which means that your bedroom will both look and feel great.

Country bedding is most certainly one of the most appealing parts of using country decor in the bedroom. In fact, it is one of the high points of country decor in general. This is the case due to one thing: the quilt. Quilts have been around for hundreds of years, and for good reason. When it comes to warmth, there is little that can outmatch a quilt, and when you want something that is aesthetically pleasing, quilts deliver in spades. When setting out to apply a country decor to your bedroom, a quilt is an excellent place to start, as you can use it as an inspiration for colors and patterns.

Quilts can be used for more than just country bedding, though. In fact, a quilt can be used similarly to a tapestry, making it a central display piece. This is also a great way to keep your quilts in use during the warmer months, when they will not be necessary as actual bedding. This role makes quilts even more important to your decor, as it becomes the unquestionable focus point of your entire room. This will require care when choosing other elements of your room, but it is well worth the effort for the results you can hope to achieve.

When working with your furniture and such, it is important to work back to the colors that you used in your country bedding. For instance, if you are using a quilt with predominant dark colors, then working with a dark painted wood for your furniture is probably best. If you have a lot of deep reds and browns, then your furniture is best if using a deep, rich stain to bring out natural wood grains. Lighter colors in your country bedding call for lighter colors (whether this is achieved by the use of paint or by the use of light colored woods. )

Of course, the style of your furniture is also important, both for your decor in general and for your bedding. If the patterns of your bedding are fairly simple, then you would do well to have fairly simply designed furniture. If your patters are more complex and varied, then your furniture can follow suit and be a bit fancier. Also, think about the shapes in the patters. For instance, if your patterns have a lot of rounded shapes, then you may want to use furniture with some kind of rounded features.

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