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A duvet is a type of bedding which is traditionally a soft flat bag filled with down or feathers or a combination of both used as a blanket. Duvets originated in rural Europe and were traditionally stuffed with duck feathers. Today’s duvets are sometimes filled with polyester or wool rather than the traditional “eider” duck down. Still very popular in Europe, duvets have become popular throughout the world in the late twentieth century. Most duvets have removable coverings which can be easily washed and maintained. These covers are made from any material: cotton, wool, polyester or even suede. The term duvet cover has come to encompass any type of cover which goes over a quilt, blanket or comforter.

The popularity of duvets comes from the fact that they not only are very comfortable and warm, they also make it easier to make the bed. Duvets reduce the complexity of making the bed. Duvets can be used as a single cover in place of the normal combinations of sheets, comforters, and quilts popular throughout the world. Beds equipped with duvets are usually covered first with a flat or fitted bed sheet and then afterwards with a covered duvet. Duvets are often referred to as comforters, although a comforter is slightly different. A comforter is traditionally decorative while duvets are used for their warmth. You may also hear of a duvet referred to as a “Doona” cover in some parts of the world.

Duvets add beauty and functionality to the home. Their increasing popularity has inspired bedding manufacturers to offer them as part of their bedding ensembles. A consumer can purchase duvets or duvet covers by themselves, or as part of a coordinated ensemble with matching fitted sheets, pillows, bed skirts and other bedroom accessories. Manufacturers from Thomasville, Croscill and Dakotah all have very elegant duvet covers as part of their bedding offerings.

The next time that you are shopping for bedding, take care to find out the different types of bedding that are out there. These days manufacturers offer such a wide variety of ensembles that it can be difficult to choose the right design for your home. It's also important when shopping for your bedroom to take care to find a retailer who can really help you make the right decision. Many large department stores offer such an extensive inventory of bedding that sorting through them can be daunting. In addition, the sales people at many of these stores are not familiar with the details of each individual product that the company they work for is selling.

Finding a retailer who knows what the difference between a duvet cover and a comforter or a boudoir pillow versus a neckroll pillow will be very helpful, especially to the first time buyer or new home owner. One solution to this problem is to find a retailer on line or in your area who specializes in bedding. The staff at these specialty stores will be much more knowledgeable and interested in helping you decide what the best purchase will be for your needs.

Written by Jared More for aj MOSS, for more information on duvets and duvet covers visit http://www.ajmoss.com/duvet-covers.php you can also call AJ Moss at 1-877-863-1270. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will help decide which bedding set is right for you.


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