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Eight Ways To Avoid Survival Preparedness Mistakes When You Have Kids.


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Eight Ways To Avoid Survival Preparedness Mistakes When You Have Kids.

When it comes to having your family prepared in an event of a crisis or disaster, we often might make the mistake of what to have for your children. While it is not easy to have everything on that wish list, we can avoid a mini crisis within a crisis if we prepare the right way for our kids. We have to think short term and long term as well as whatever scenario we might be thrown into. I’ve thought long and hard about this list and have determined that these ten things to think about when preparing for a crisis are a great way to start achieving peace of mind for your family. If circumstances prevail that we are thrown from our homes and into the wild, a bug out vehicle is suggested. Pre-packed with all the things you WILL NEED when you have a family, it will fill a vehicle. Second option is to have pre-packed large duffle bags with all your needs packed into them ready to go at a drop of a hat.

1: Ability to have fresh water is most important. In the event the water is shut off from the public and water has disappeared off the store shelves, you will need water. It would be wise to have a water filter for questionable water sources, one that filters out the most stuff is best, not your household water pitcher either. Have at least ten gallons of water in jugs and keep them in a dark place for storage to minimize toxins from plastic accumulating in your water. Consider a rain collection system for your house to store in barrels for everyday water needs like showers, brushing teeth, etc. It’s easy to take and expand on your home gutter system custom making your modifications to fit your abilities.

2: Food will be a hot commodity if ways to obtain food are closed. Planning ahead is what will separate you from the hungry. Have one months of food for each person in storage on hand and keep in mind that can require a variety of styles of food. You can make that determination yourselves for your needs.

3: Protection in any case is smarter to have than to have not. Whether at home on your property or out in the wild if we are forced from our homes, it could mean life or death. You know what form of protection best fits your family’s needs. Rule: More means for protection the better.

4: Clothes for your children and yourself sometimes could be hard to plan. By the time you might have to use your emergency gear the clothes once put in it might be outdated. You don’t want to pull out a leisure suit if you catch my drift. Think functionality first and you will have the best clothing options. Each member of the family should have one duffle bag to pack clothing items most needed. Rain coats, socks, underwear, practical items first.

5: First Aid is crucial for survival, the bigger the kit the better. Think of how many things could go wrong out there if you didn’t have the right stuff in your kit. Think wound care to internal medicine. There are many things to think about when preparing your first aid kit. Remember you might not be able to purchase thing when you need them. Be sure to stock up on “pharma” goods that you need like inhalers, antibiotics, special need medications that you will not be able to get.

6: Communication between you and your loved ones is crucial if families were ever separated. Along with a special code your family to develop for underground communication skills or to relay messages to your family in code. Also every member should have hand held shortwave radios, and walkie talkies with 50 mile radius. If cell towers go down and the internet is shut off in a martial law scenario, you will want to be able to communicate with your family.

7: A disaster plan is probably the most important thing to have with your family. In a crisis situation family members might all be in separate locations within a city. You will want to have a planned meeting place to further compose the situation at hand. Have a way of keeping fresh in every one’s mind what to do in event of different disasters. Having a plan will save time and confusion in the long run.

8: Down time entertainment for the kids will be important to keep their minds occupied with stuff to do. Learning utensils and games to keep them busy will be a blessing. I personally have an external hard drive that is packed with movies, music, shows, cartoons, learning games and scholastics. We might not have internet, television or be able to travel from house for entertainment capabilities. I like the hard drive because it’s portable and small but holds mega stuff. You don’t know how long we might have to endure during a crisis, so keeping the kids busy is very important.

In these 8 ways for preparing for a disaster when you have kids are some little things we might forget. If a family can have these means fulfilled they stand the best chance for survival. Better to have than have not in an emergency situation. A plan for your family is and should be the most important key to all being together when disaster strikes.

I hope this information was helpful on better ways to prepare your family for any crisis or disaster.

Have a wonderful day and think positive, be informed and fed.


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